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On Cloud 5 Review (2023 Update) | Best Shoe for Walking and Traveling?

I buy and test the products featured on That Fit Friend using a regimen of training tests that I’ve developed over years of testing training shoes and gear. I may earn commissions on sales made through the links on my site.

On builds a variety of shoes for different contexts and training settings. The On Cloud 5 is one of On’s most popular shoes for daily wear and travel and was previously known as the On Cloud.

This shoe delivers a comfortable and lightweight construction and these features help the On Cloud 5 to excel as being a good shoe to look into for casual settings. As a fan of the On Cloud X 3 shoes, I was excited to see how the On Cloud 5 compared in regard to comfort.

There is a lot to like about the On Cloud 5 like its lightweight build and comfortable CloudTec midsole. However, there are a couple of cons and drawbacks to this shoe which I’ll discuss below.

In this On Cloud 5 review, I’m going to cover all of my experiences in this shoe and outline everything that you need to know before investing.

Quick Facts: The On Cloud 5 can be a comfortable daily wear shoe that can work for travel and commuting. This model is easy to slip on and off and it has a nice refined and low-key appearance.

On Cloud 5


On Cloud 5

Best For

  • Walking and Light Running
  • Standing All Day
  • Light Workouts and Cross-Training
  • Bodyweight Training

Falls Short

  • For Recreational Lifting
  • For Serious Cross-Training

Author’s Note: This article was updated in April 2023. I made updates to my thoughts on this shoe’s performance and long-term durability. Make sure you also check TF2 Cross-Training Shoe Finder if you’re looking for training shoes, too.

Who Should Buy the On Cloud 5?

The On Cloud 5 is a really good shoe for daily wear, traveling, walking, and standing all day. There are a few contexts where I think they make a lot of sense.

1. You Want a Breathable Shoe for Daily Wear

This shoe is lightweight and breathable so they feel easy to wear for longer durations. Personally, I rock this model most often when I’m running errands and I’m on my feet all day or when I have long travel days ahead of me.

The CloudTec midsole provides a nice amount of cushion and this shoe has a good level of maneuverability. Plus, this shoe comes suited with On’s “speed lacing” system and separate pair of laces if you like a more traditional lace.

On Cloud 5 review

2. You Like a Convenient Shoe for Walking and Standing

The speed lacing is nice for easily slipping this model on and off, which is also why I like them for travel. You can easily slip these off in the car or airplane once you’re seated.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the On Cloud 5?

Over the course of my testing and wearing of the On Cloud 5, I have a few contexts where you may want to pass on this shoe.

1. You Want a Shoe That Will Last a Long Time

One major knock I have with the On Cloud 5 is that the outsole lacks long-term durability for outdoor wear. The foam midsole can fray and start to break down if you’re wearing this model outdoors a lot and on concrete. Plus, these pick up rocks often.

I think the big thing with this shoe is understanding the context in which it will excel and perform its best. It’s a good daily driver, but not a super durable serious training shoe or a shoe that will fare well with a lot of concrete walking, in my opinion.

2. You Have a Wider Foot

If you have wide or flat feet then you’ll also want to pass on this model. This shoe’s toe box runs on the narrower side and this shoe has a fairly tapered midfoot.

For flat and wide feet, I think you’ll find yourself spilling over in this shoe. I have a medium to slightly wider foot and I find them to feel snug if I’m wearing thicker socks so I’ll typically go barefoot or wear thin socks in them.

On Cloud 5 Pros

Throughout the course of my testing and review process, I’ve found multiple things to like about the On Cloud 5.

1. Great Shoe for Slipping On and Off

The first pro with the On Cloud 5 that I really enjoy is that it’s a good shoe for easily slipping on and off. If you like rocking shoes that somewhat look like training shoes on a casual, then this is a good shoe to look into. Not every training shoe looks good on a daily wear basis and they’re not always the easiest to get on and off.

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On Cloud 5 speed lacing system

The On Cloud 5 has a sporty and clean look to them and they come with On’s speed lacing system. This lacing system is great because you don’t have to worry about lacing and unlacing your shoes and it provides enough security to where you never run into heel slip issues. This shoe also comes with traditional laces if you prefer those.

2. Comfortable, Lightweight, and Breathable for Daily Wear

The second aspect to like about the On Cloud 5 is they’re comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. All of these characteristics help this shoe to excel for daily wear and they make this model a pleasure to wear for longer periods. In my size 10 model, they have a weight of 8.40 oz, which is comparatively light compared to the other daily wear shoes I have.

On Cloud 5 breathability and weight

The mesh upper on this model breathes really well through the forefoot and midfoot. I noticed this most when rocking these on a windy cold winter day as my feet were starting to get cold. This is why I think On also recommends this model for warmer settings. For the summer months, I could easily see the On Cloud 5 becoming one of my daily go-to shoes.

3. Good for Walking, Standing, and Traveling

The final aspect to like about the On Cloud 5 is that they’re a good shoe for walking, standing, and traveling. This model is designed specifically to be a model for daily wear and travel, and I think they hit the mark pretty well at delivering a strong performance for these contexts.

On Cloud 5 for walking and standing

For walking, the sole construction of this model feels natural and the 8mm heel-to-toe drop and toe spring help feed into this activity. Additionally, the CloudTec midsole provides a nice cushioned, yet somewhat supportive feel for standing for long durations. It’s easy to shift your weight in these shoes so they’re a good dynamic model for being on your feet all day.

Report Card: Get the Quick Facts

On Cloud 5

On Cloud 5 Quick Facts

Price: $139.99 USD

Heel-to-Toe Drop: 8mm

Stack Height: Heel 28mm/Forefoot 20mm

Width: Narrow/Medium


  1. The Speed Lacing System gives this shoe a nice casual slip-on feel which is great for those that don’t want to mess with laces.
  2. The CloudTec midsole is comfortable and maneuverable which gives this shoe a nice feel for standing and walking.
  3. The breathable upper does a good job with ventilation and creating a nice balanced foot climate.


  1. The midsole at the forefoot can scuff and start to break down over time with high-volume concrete use.
  2. The upper overlays have also proven to be a durability issue for some in long-term contexts.
  3. This shoe has a narrower width and if you have wider feet you may want to steer clear of this shoe as it will feel snug through the forefoot and midfoot.

On Cloud 5 Cons

There is a lot to like about the On Cloud 5, but there are also a couple of cons that come along with this shoe. Below are two of the bigger cons that I could see bothering others.

1. Outsole Lacks Long-Term Durability

The first drawback to the On Cloud 5 is that the outsole lacks long-term durability, especially if you plan to use these outdoors a lot on concrete and asphalt. The CloudTec midsole does have rubber that covers the forefoot and heel, however, the midfoot CloudTec does not.

On Cloud 5 outsole

The CloudTec throughout the midfoot on the On Cloud 5 has exposed foam which can be problematic on certain surfaces. This is why I recommend not regularly wearing these shoes for outdoor running and training. The friction produced in these contexts could make this shoe’s midsole and outsole break down pretty fast.

Since these shoes also have a higher price point, I think recognizing the context in which these shoes will perform the best will help your investment go the distance. If you want a pair of On shoes for cross-training and doing outdoor workouts, then I’d suggest looking into the On Cloud X.

2. Fit In Toe Box Is Pretty Narrow

On Cloud 5 sizing

The second drawback to the On Cloud 5 is that it is fairly narrow through the to box and midfoot. This is not surprising since a lot of On shoes typically run a bit more narrow with their midfoot and toe box fit. If you have wide feet and want more width in your shoe’s toe box, then you’re going to want to look into other shoes.

I think for both flat and wide feet, the On Cloud 5’s last will not align the best with your foot’s anatomy. On updated the sizing in this model so their length fits more truly, however, unfortunately, this did not change their narrower width.


To discuss the performance in On Cloud 5, I’m going to talk about how this shoe performs in different contexts. Note, this is not a shoe designed for training specifically, but I did test them in a few light training settings to see if they could be a feasible option for anyone that wants to use this model in multiple settings.

On Cloud 5 Performance Overview

On Cloud 5 for Light Workouts and Bodyweight Training

For light workouts and bodyweight training, the On Cloud 5 can be a feasible shoe option. For example, if you’re tackling home workouts where you’re using lighter weights and your own bodyweight, then you should be okay using this model casually. It will not be your best bet for heavier and more serious sessions, so I’d suggest keeping it casual in this shoe.

The CloudTec midsole compresses pretty easily which could impact your balance and ability to root the foot with the ground. This is why I also suggest limiting the use of the On Cloud 5 to more casual and light training. The On Cloud X would be a better option if you like On Shoes and want a pair for a bit more serious training.

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On Cloud 5 for lifting weights

On Cloud 5 for Classes, HIIT, and Versatile Training

In the context of classes, HIIT workouts, and more versatile training, the On Cloud 5 is okay, but once again, it’s not designed for these activities so there will always be a cap on their performance and potential. The CloudTec midsole provides a nice level of support for more plyometrics, but I think you’ll find them limiting in regard to their ground feedback when performing power-focused exercises.

I’m also not the biggest fan of this shoe’s outsole for this style of training. In most of these settings, you’ll be tackling multi-directional work, which could be problematic for two reasons.

On Cloud 5 for working out

First, the shoe’s midfoot outsole construction may break down pretty quickly on certain surfaces. Second, the midsole compresses a good amount so you may find that it’s tough to stabilize and find your balance in these shoes when tackling unilateral work or multi-directional exercises.

On Cloud 5 for Walking, Standing, Traveling, and Running

As mentioned above, the On Cloud 5 excels for daily wear and casual contexts. This shoe is a really good option for longer walks and being on your feet all day. They never feel heavy on the feet and they breathe well. Additionally, their midsole construction is comfortable and maneuverable which makes them a pleasure to wear.

On Cloud 5 for walking and standing and traveling

For traveling, I like how easy it is to take this shoe on and off. The speed lacing system is a nice touch for giving this model an almost “slipper-like” feel on travel days. You can take these off easily to stretch your feet, then slip them back on with ease.

For running, the On Cloud 5 can technically work, but I’d suggest keeping your mileage on the lower end with this shoe and limiting them to indoor runs only. I’m not the biggest of the outsole on this model for running outdoors due to the exposed midsole. If you’re looking for an On shoe for running, then I’d suggest checking out something like the On Cloudswift.

On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X

The core differences between the On Cloud 5 versus the On Cloud X revolve around how each shoe is intended to be used. There are three major differences between the On Cloud X and On Cloud 5 that I think are worth mentioning.

On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X

The first major difference is the base of the shoe and the CloudTec midsole construction. Both shoes have a low-profile CloudTec midsole, but the On Cloud X’s midsole is slightly wider and more stable. This is to help the On Cloud X perform better in cross-training settings by increasing the base and surface area of the shoe to support different exercises.

More specifically, the On Cloud X has a built-in Speedboard with raised sidewalls to assist with balance and stability. It’s a subtle detail that isn’t inherently noticeable, but you can feel the difference when training. 

On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X for daily wear

The second major difference is the upper construction and lacing system used. The On Cloud 5’s eyelets are built to accommodate On’s speed lacing system and traditional laces. This feature changes the midfoot construction slightly and makes the boot a bit longer to easily slip the shoes on and off compared to the On Cloud X.

The On Cloud X utilizes a traditional lacing system and its upper construction is a bit more durable for training purposes. On the forefoot and midfoot, the upper is more abrasion resistant and delivers a slightly thicker material compared to the On Cloud 5.

On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X for working out

The final difference is how each shoe is designed to be used. If you’re looking for an On Shoe for cross-training, then go with the On Cloud X. The On Cloud X can also work well as a daily wear shoe so it does have a slight edge for versatility compared to the On Cloud 5.

If you already have a pair of training shoes and don’t plan to lift and work out in your shoes and just want something casual for day-to-day use, then you’d be best suited to opt for the On Cloud 5.

On Cloud X


On Cloud X Training Shoes

Best For

  • Plyometrics
  • Short/Mid-Range Runs
  • HIIT Training
  • Agility Workouts

Falls Short

  • For Cost-Efficiency
  • For Heavy Lifting
  • For Long-Term Durability

On Cloud 5 Sizing

For the On Cloud 5, most should be safe going true-to-size. Compared to prior On Cloud models, this shoe’s length fits more truly, so you shouldn’t have to size up in order to make them work.

The only issue I have with this shoe’s sizing is how narrow they feel through the forefoot and midfoot. On is not a shoe company known for their wide-fitting shoes, so if you have wider or flatter feet, then you may want to look into other shoes for daily wear purposes.

  • On Cloud 5 Sizing Thoughts: True-to-size for most. Narrow fit with limited volume through the midfoot and forefoot.

On Cloud 5 Sizing and Fit

If you have additional sizing and fit questions about the On Cloud 5, drop a comment below and I can try to help you out accordingly. 

Price Breakdown

For the On Cloud 5, you can expect to pay $139.99 USD. This price point is similar to prior models and compares to most On Shoes, which do have slightly higher price points.

I think this price makes sense for anyone wanting to buy this shoe for daily wear, walking, standing, and traveling. This will not be the best shoe for training and running, so I think it’s important to recognize the context of this shoe’s best uses and where it will falls short in order to make sure the price point makes sense for you.

On Cloud 5


On Cloud 5

Best For

  • Walking and Light Running
  • Standing All Day
  • Light Workouts and Cross-Training
  • Bodyweight Training

Falls Short

  • For Recreational Lifting
  • For Serious Cross-Training

Construction Details

The On Cloud 5’s construction is fairly simplistic in nature and compared to other On Shoes, I’d categorize this model as having a more “no-frills” build to them.

Below are some of the biggest construction callouts that influence this shoe’s comfort, durability, and performance in different settings.

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 8mm
  • Weight: 8.40 oz (for my size 10 model)
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • CloudTec Midsole
  • Mesh Upper Construction
  • Speed Lacing System (Traditional Laces Included)
  • 44% Recycled Content/Materials Used

If you have additional questions or thoughts on the On Cloud 5’s construction, drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you run in the On Cloud 5?

The On Cloud 5 can technically work for shorter runs, however, it's primarily built to be a travel and all-day wear shoe. If you do run in this shoe, then you may want to keep your mileage on the lower end.

Can you lift weights in the On Cloud 5?

The On Cloud 5 can work okay for lighter workouts and bodyweight training, but they'll fall short for recreational lifting. The CloudTec midsole in this model compresses fairly easy so you'll lack stability in this shoe if you plan to lift moderate and heavyweights in them.

Are the On Cloud 5 good for walking?

For daily wear, travel, walking, and standing all day, the On Cloud 5 does an exceptional job. This shoe is great for these contexts and the On Cloud 5 provides a nice amount of cushion for all-day comfort.


Takeaway Thoughts

The On Cloud 5 delivers consistent and strong performance for daily wear, walking, standing, and traveling. This shoe is comfortable and easy to slip on and off and it looks sporty with a clean aesthetic.

The On Cloud 5 will not be your best shoe for tackling different forms of exercise and training, so I think it’s important to recognize the context of this model before investing.

If you have additional questions on the On Cloud 5, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@jake_boly).


Jake Boly

I've been in the fitness and strength training industry for nearly a decade. In that time, I've trained hundreds of clients, written thousands of articles, reviewed over 100+ pairs of training shoes, and have produced a large list of training videos. I live and breathe fitness and training gear, and I think it's important that reviewers walk the walk with the gear they're testing. As for my educational background, I have my Masters in Sports Science, Bachelors in Exercise Science, and have my CSCS.

28 thoughts on “On Cloud 5 Review (2023 Update) | Best Shoe for Walking and Traveling?”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. Unfortunately, I read it after I purchased a pair of Cloud 5s. These will be just for daily use and I ordered my size and found I can get them on and they are comfortable, except they are too narrow. This is more in one foot than the other, but still won’t work for either. I am considering going up a half size or full size which often works for those of us with wide feet. Some brands only increase the length though and not an overall increase. Do you know if these do increase the overall size?

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply here, I went camping all weekend and didn’t bring the computer with me.

      In re: sizing: That’s a tough one. Have you tried wearing super minimalist socks before returning or resizing them? I’m not sure if On increases the width of their models or if they maybe do it for just a few. IMO, they likely don’t increase width a ton since their shoes are fairly known for running narrow for most sizes. If you could try them on first, then I think that would be the best call. However, since you’re only rocking them for day-to-day wear, then you should be safe opting for a half size larger to see if that works, especially if you don’t have a ton of length now at the end of your toe box which could cause heel slip when sizing up.

      1. I ordered a 1/2 size larger to accommodate the length needed (9.5) There was no increase in width in the shoe (thank goodness…from a 9 compared to a 9.5)…I just needed the extra toe room. I find the width true to size for a medium width.

        I use this mainly as you recommended…running errands, general everyday wear for comfort. I don’t recommend for the gym…not enough support!

        1. Interesting and noted — thank you for sharing! Glad they’re working for daily wear. Yeah, the Cloud 5 is very meh for training and lacks for anything serious in that context.

    1. Do you have a wider foot width? And you know what’s funny, that’s something that also confused me with this model. Like why is On so bad at indicating this shoe has received updates from a consumer POV context, lol. I had to confirm with 2 REI employees before purchasing these.

  2. What do you think about the long term durability about this shoe. I just got them and will only use for daily wear/standing at work. I’m worried that the top mesh will wore out quick.

    1. It’s super hit or miss. That’s often my gripe with On Shoes is that they can be super variable. I’ve had my On Cloud X last a while whereas the CloudSwift’s upper broke after a week. You should be okay for your context (if that helps!), but On is not a shoe company I’m putting all my eggs into the basket of long-term durability with!

    2. I’ve had a pair of original Cloud for over a year, and Cloud 5 for about 6 months now and the fabric has a hole on both, location of tiny toe of foot.

      I love the comfort but am questioning the durability. I did order a half size larger on both, and I don’t have wide feet, but it seems the width issue that is noted by all reviewers could be the reason for failure at that point.

      They are the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn ( I use them for work, spend time on a concrete plant floor) , but I am currently seeking a more durable alternative.

      1. Yeah, that’s not the first time I’ve heard that! IMO, the toe bumper and material are also contributors here for some foot anatomies as the shoe break can be an issue regarding durability in this context. The culmination of these factors causes friction and breakdown of the material, me thinks!

        For a cushion-y shoe for walking, I dig Altras as they’re a bit wider and comfy for daily wear.

  3. I bought a pair of On Cloud 5 in mid August, and by mid October the mesh had pulled away from the toe cover material, and also on the outside part of the toe box. For the price point, I expected at least 6 months from them. I am a special education teacher and am on my feet most of the day, walking on concrete.

    1. That’s annoying and frustrating and sadly not the first time I’ve heard this about the On Cloud 5. One of my main gripes with this model — and most On shoes at that — is their durability for their price points.

  4. I have Morton’s Neuroma and my podiatrist highly recommends shoes with good support and wide toe boxes. Which On Cloud would be best for me; if any?

    1. Eh, I don’t think any of the On Cloud models will fit your needs. They all run narrow. I’d suggest checking out Altra shoes — they’ll have better fits for your anatomy/needs.

  5. I have a question regarding size for on cloud 5. My left feet length 23cm, right feet length 22.5 cm. Bot feet have same width 8.5cm. I’ve tried the 37 which is recommended from the shop as it’s “ true to the size”, I feel that I need to put my feet in a certain angle I order to put my feet in. ( not uncomfortable) After putting my get in, it feels like my feet is wrapping around with material while supportive and not uncomfortable. Enough room for the toe.
    Then I tried half size bigger, 37.5, then it’s comfortable. And supportive. While right feet feels slightly loose as the heels doesn’t feel as closed as 37.
    My question is, what are you suppose to feel when you first put on this shoes? will cloud 5 gets bigger after you break in then it becomes too big? And shall I go for 37 or 37.5?
    Thank you for answering as I am always troubled by finding the right size for my shoes.

    1. Hey Nicole! IMO, I think the 37.5 seems like the better fit for your needs. They should also stretch a bit and break in over time. Ideally, you just want to feel comfortable and not like you’re forcing your foot to work with the shoe.

  6. I wear a 6.5 in all my sneakers, however these feel snug around my foot. Will this change with time or do I need to go up to a 7? Also my toes don’t have much wiggle room, but I’m afraid if I go bigger they’ll be to loose. Suggestions!?

    1. Eh, might be worth going up to 7! I don’t think you’ll have slip issues in your case, but you won’t know until you try, tbh, as it’s tough to say with the lacing system in these. On typically run a little snug, though.

  7. Is this the best model for comfort and all day wear? I’ve also considered the Cloud Stratus as they’d have more padding, but was curious if it would be as good as/better than the 5. Or, if there’s any other shoes in general from On that may be better for all day comfort.

    1. They’re solid for daily wear. I also like the Cloud X series because you can wear them all day and then train in them if you ever want! All of the models should be fine regarding cushion, IMO!

  8. Cloud 5 Waterproof – received as a gift for Christmas, as I had loved the previous ones. There is a persistent squeak coming from one of the shoes, not surface or foot related, and have contacted customer service. They suggested some tips including talc powder, however are not willing to replace the shoes even when the issue persists. They mention they are aware of the issue and “after several tests by our Quality Department, the squeaking noise isn’t recognized as a production defect”
    They have not even offered to take the shoes in for investigations. wasted Christmas present.

    1. That is ANNOYING and I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve heard similar horror stories from On’s customer service. Side note and something I’ve learned the hard way is that now I buy my models through REI and local running stores because they’re way better about honoring returns around stuff like this versus On themselves. Also, that’s messed up because the shoes already cost a lot so why should you have to do even MORE just to prevent an annoying squeak? Big companies…fml.

      Bummed to hear your shoes have been and I appreciate you sharing!

  9. Hi, read your review of the iCloud 5 and iCloud X. Excellent discussion. I wear size 13 and weigh 200 pounds. Just turned 82 and working with a personal trainer to strengthen my core and effects of a right hip replacement. I am considering the iCloud X. How will this shoe work since I have a high instep? I have tried New Balance and Brooks, neither work well. Help! What’s your thoughts? I am very open to your suggestions. Thanks, George

    1. Hey! Eh, they can be hit or miss, tbh. The X 3 would give you a little more over the X. You may also want to look into shoes like the Reebok Nano X2. I think that shoe would work really well for you and it has more volume to it!

  10. I have had at least 5 pairs of these shoes. Every one of them has developed holes in the big toe area. Initially, it happened after over a year of wear. However, in the past year, 2 pairs have developed them, one after only 2 months. they replaced them under warranty but basically blamed me for the issue. I wear decent, padded socks and there’s nothing at all unusual about my feet, so I am pretty sure it’s just a fairly flimsy shoe. Unfortunately, I do find them very comfortable and have continued to buy them. It is embarassing to wear shoes with holes in them though!

    1. I feel that and I’m seeing a similar trend in other shoe/apparel brands as well. I wonder if companies or manufacturers are opting for cheaper materials/processes these days more often than they used to.

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