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That Fit Friend: Sharing My Passion for Gym Shoes One Workout & Review At a Time

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Hey, I’m Jake, the Founder of That Fit Friend. I want That Fit Friend to stand as the pinnacle of quality for the fitness community, catering to dedicated lifters and athletes who demand the best gear for their training.

This is more than just a review site; it’s my life work, and a commitment to delivering you in-depth, honest evaluations from a deep understanding of what makes gym gear effective.

With my Sports and Exercise Science education and foundation, over a decade of coaching experience, and a vast history of reviewing over 400 gym shoes, That Fit Friend isn’t just about surface-level analysis.

Each review is a product of a refined, testing process developed over seven years of tireless effort and countless tough gym sessions, ensuring that every review is steeped in expertise and real-world application.

Here, I don’t see shoes as just footwear; they’re essential tools for achieving training excellence, scrutinized by a seasoned coach and team of writers who know that the right gear can make all the difference.

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