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Jake Boly is the Founder of That Fit Friend, a training shoe and apparel resource, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist based in Denver, Colorado. He holds a Masters in Sports Science and a Bachelors in Exercise Science.

In the context of my formal review background, I’ve been reviewing training shoes and gear for over 9 years now (where has the time gone?!). When it comes to training shoes and weightlifting shoes, I’ve pretty much tested and worn every shoe in the game.

When reviewing shoes, I take an approach similar to how I train and coach athletes and lifters. I think about the nuance and context that separates shoes from one another, then cross-reference that with the goals of the shoes and the individuals wearing them.

I like to think my strength coaching background gives me an edge over other product reviewers because it can help me identify things like how a shoe is going to influence your biomechanics when training.

Plus, coaching athletes from all different disciplines, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see how different types of athletes move and what they look for most in the shoes for their training modality.

On my site (That Fit Friend), I make sure every review is packed and loaded with media highlighting the REAL-LIFE testing going on. I also buy all of the gear tested on this site.

You will never find gifted products or pay-for-play reviews here.

Plus, for pretty much every shoe review, I try to build a YouTube video to accompany the content and to highlight how exactly I’m wearing, experiencing, and testing the shoes and gear in question.

A Review Site That Puts You First

How I Review Shoes On That Fit Friend

At That Fit Friend, I (Jake Boly) want you to always feel comfortable reaching out and asking questions about my review content.

At the moment, I’d say I spend about an hour a day replying and answering review-related questions through Instagram DMs and YouTube comments.

While this may seem tedious to some, I personally love it. The community at That Fit Friend is what makes what I do worth it. I also find it odd when “product reviewers” don’t 1) offer a way to ask questions, and 2) never reply to those who have questions.

If you ever have questions, feel free to reach out through any of the means below!

My Background and More Stats About Me

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cscs and training experience

2012/2013: My background in fitness and personal training dates back to late 2012 and early 2013. It was at this time when I fell in love with training clients and became a certified personal training.

2014: I graduated from college with a B.S. in Exercise Science, took a a job as a content writer at Vitamin Shoppe, and continued to train clients on the side.

2016: I finished my M.S. in Sports Science, continued training clients on the side, and switched full-time roles from Vitamin Shoppe to BarBend.

2020/2021: I left BarBend in August 2020 to pursue my own ventures. The current projects that take up my days include 1) working with clients, 2) running an SEO course for fitness professionals, 3) co-founding and running Pheasyque Lab with Eugen Loki, and 4) building this site!

The TF2 Team

Something I am [Jake] very particular with at That Fit Friend is the writers that I bring on and work with. While I write about 99% of the information and review content you’ll read on That Fit Friend I do have writers contribute content here and there.

Every contributor that I bring on has skin in the game and is either a weathered athlete or coach that I’ve vetted thoroughly and trust. If you ever read a contributor’s piece of content and have a question, I encourage you to reach out to them and ask questions!

will quillman author at that fit friend


My name is Will Quillman and I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach at The United States Air Force Academy. I work with the NCAA Division I FCS football program and teach physical education courses, including basic cadet physical development and rock climbing. I hold a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine with an Emphasis in Strength and Conditioning from The University of Colorado Springs (UCCS). Prior to my time at UCCS, I completed my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with a double minor in Strength and Conditioning/Nutrition from Lindenwood University. My certifications include an NSCA CSCS, USAW SPC Level 1, Altis Foundations, CPR/AED/First Aid and NOLS WFA.

Shortly after my arrival to Colorado, I have been fully immersed in the outdoor scene and lifestyle, having lived in this great state for over 5 years now. I love hiking, trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and much more. Currently I train predominately for the endurance based events that I enjoy doing in my free time. Prior to my current training regimen, I was a competitive olympic lifter and powerlifter. My earlier training was based around basic strength, power and conditioning for hockey where I played at Lindenwood University, Junior Tier II/III in the NAHL/NA3HL and AAA youth hockey for 13 years.

I love outdoor gear and apparel. It is such a passion of mine to devote hours every day training for the activities I love. In the backcountry, gear and apparel can make or break your experience. I take great responsibility to bring quality reviews that you can trust have been tested thoroughly. Some of my favorite brands of outdoor gear and apparel are La Sportiva, Black Diamond, Salewa, Mons Royale, Rab, Patagonia, Smartwool and Outdoor Research.

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