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About That Fit Friend Jake Boly

Hi, I’m Jake!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been That Fit Friend that everyone reaches out to for questions about:

  • The latest gear
  • Workout tips
  • Programming topics


Basically, if it involves some level of fitness, health, or wellness, I’m that guy that’s always fielding questions from others. I’m a strength coach, a powerlifter, and a washed-up college athlete.

Don’t get me wrong — I personally love being the guy folks lean on for advice — and that’s why I created That Fit Friend.

Plus, if you look around the training shoe and apparel space, there are countless sites pushing thin content not even USING the products they’re reviewing and pushing them to the limits. I think my coaching/athletic background helps give me an edge here.

Pushing thin content to make a buck is not how I roll. Morally that conflicts with what a review should be and you’ll never find a review here that I haven’t physically tested for multiple training sessions. It’s like writing cookie-cutter programs and pushing them as “individual”. Get out of here with that…

I wanted a place where I can help my community with a broader stroke, so if you’re new here, welcome.

In this community, everyone is a friend and I’m here to assist you with whatever asks you might have regarding training products or fitness.

To reach me personally, hit me on the following:

My Background and More Stats About Me

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cscs and training experience

2012/2013: My background in fitness and personal training dates back to late 2012 and early 2013. It was at this time when I fell in love with training clients and became a certified personal training.

2014: I graduated from college with a B.S. in Exercise Science, took a a job as a content writer at Vitamin Shoppe, and continued to train clients on the side.

2016: I finished my M.S. in Sports Science, continued training clients on the side, and switched full-time roles from Vitamin Shoppe to BarBend.

2020/2021: I left BarBend in August 2020 to pursue my own ventures. The current projects that take up my days include 1) working with clients, 2) running an SEO course for fitness professionals, 3) co-founding and running Pheasyque Lab with Eugen Loki, and 4) building this site!

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That Fit Friend Jake Boly