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About That Fit Friend

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That Fit Friend’s Origin Story

Picture this, it’s 2021 and you’re looking for an honest shoe review about the Reebok Nano X1.

You find countless “reviews” about the Nano X1 but they’re all reviews from big media companies using stock images and vague language to describe this shoe’s performance.

As you search more, you continue to find the same type of reviews and your frustration continues to grow.

Who can you trust and realistically turn to for an honest review on the internet, especially when most reviews are glorified adverts?

This is the pain point that spurred That Fit Friend’s Editor-in-Chief Jake Boly into action.

If you ask Jake, he’ll be the first to tell you that the best recommendations you can ever receive about gear typically come from your trusted circle of peers.

After all, nothing is stronger than a word-of-mouth referral from someone you trust.

Knowing this and with his background in personal training which lives and dies by word-of-mouth referrals, Jake started to wonder,

“Is it possible to build a site a brand that truly embodies that ‘in-person word of mouth’ trust we all have in our lives and social circles?”

With this idea serving as the mission and guiding beacon,  That Fit Friend was born.

What Is That Fit Friend, Actually?

That Fit Friend is a fitness-focused website dedicated to providing in-depth and honest reviews of training shoes, apparel, and fitness gear.

The site’s mission revolves around offering first-hand [real] actionable advice and comprehensive insights from industry professionals to help fitness enthusiasts make informed decisions.

With a keen eye for detail, That Fit Friend evaluates products and services with a level of depth that can only be matched with countless years of experience.

In the training gear review space, That Fit Friend serves to take a more community-first mindset always considering and engaging with consumers who choose to support and engage with TF2 content.

Far too often, we [That Fit Friend] see reviewers publish content without further engagement and we always sit back and wonder, “What is that actually doing for the community?”

Why That Fit Friend Is Big On Community

As the landscape of media and reviews continues to change — and in our opinion get watered down — we think community is the biggest factor that sets That Fit Friend apart from its competitors.

Far too often, we see other media sites publish reviews by authors who don’t truly know the space, and then proceed to never follow-up with readers who ask questions about said reviews and content.

That is something you will NEVER find on That Fit Friend.

We invest multiple hours every single day replying to our community’s email questions, direct messages on Instagram, and comments on YouTube asking us about the products being reviewing.

Without thoughtful feedback to consumers’ questions, a review is only giving you surface-level information. It’s not helping to contextualize if a product is truly right for you when you have individual asks.

All that said, our Editor-In-Chief, Jake Boly has spent countless years building a reputation in the gear review space for That Fit Friend to be a resource that will always give back when you need individual help and guidance.

That Fit Friend Homepage

At That Fit Friend, we want you to always feel comfortable reaching out and asking questions about our review content.

If you ever have questions, feel free to reach out through any of the means below!

Meet the That Fit Friend Team

Jake Boly, Editior-In-Chief/Founder

Jake Boly founded That Fit Friend and serves as the Editor-In-Chief for the site and YouTube channel.

Josh Kelly Author

Josh Kelly, Contributing Author

Josh Kelly is a weathered strength coach who contributes training content to That Fit Friend.

Will Quillman, Contributing Author

Will Quillman is TF2's outdoor liaison and contributes reviews on trail running shoes and gear.

Dr. Tyler Kallasy Lifting

Tyler Kallasy, DPT, TF2 Expert

Dr. Tyler Kallasy serves on That Fit Friend's Expert Network overseeing training-related content.

Austin Current TF2 Expert

Austin Current, CSCS, CISSN

Austin Current is an established coach and author who serves on TF2's Expert Network board.

Jake Thein TF2

Jake Thein, DPT, TF2 Expert

Dr. Jake Thein serves on That Fit Friend's Expert Network overseeing training-related content.

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