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Cross-Training Shoe Finder and Calculator

Find Your Perfect Cross-Training Shoes

Welcome to the TF2 cross-training shoe finder and calculator.

I wanted to build this cross-training shoe finder to help you make educated cross-training shoe buying decisions based on your shoe preferences and how you like to train.

This cross-training shoe finder will ask you five questions about your shoe preferences and training style, then provide you with three cross-training shoe options that I've reviewed before and recommend based on your answers.

You can also reach out on Instagram (@jake_boly) and ask for my personal advice if you ever want more clarification!

Why Use This Cross-Training Shoe Finder and Calculator?

The market is flooded with all types of cross-training shoes. Some are more responsive than others, some provide a ton of stability, and some are great for very specific niche activities. Plus, every cross-trainer has its own fit and feel.

This makes the buying process somewhat overwhelming especially if you're uncertain where to even start. My cross-training shoe finder and calculator will ask you a series of five questions that are designed to understand:

- How You Prefer to Train On a Weekly Basis (how heavy, how much running, etc.)
- How You Plan to Use the Cross-Training Shoes
- How You Want Your Cross-Training Shoes to Fit
- What You're Willing To Spend On a Pair of New Shoes

Once you've submitted your answers to five questions, you'll then be given three cross-training shoe recommendations based on what I think would be great for you which is based on your feedback.

Is the calculator an end-all-be-all? No, and I don't want it to be, absolutes are garbage, after all.

However, I do hope this training shoe finder and calculator will provide you with some options to hopefully get the ball moving when it comes to finding a great pair of cross-training shoes for your needs and preferences.

What Cross-Training Shoes Are Featured In the Results?

Every pair of cross-training shoes that is suggested to you in this training shoe finder and calculator are a pair of shoes that I've worn for multiple training sessions and have physically built out individual reviews for.

You will never have a model suggested in your results that I've never physically tested. To be honest, that's shady, however, do note, there are some limitations with only providing models I've tested thus far.

For instance, there is only one of me, and I'm trying my hardest to make my way through a ton of training shoes, so if you are interested in a pair and it's not featured on this site or in the calculator, please feel free to reach out and pitch them for review.

Note, I have a growing list of cross-training shoes I plan to review, but there are always some that I miss. Plus, That Fit Friend is designed to be focused on community, so I want to hear from you whenever you scout a model out that you either 1) like a lot and have worn, or 2) want me to review before you buy!

If you have a pair that you want to suggest for a review, feel free to email me at

What Was the Inspiration Behind This Cross-Training Shoe Finder and Calculator?

Outside of running this site and my YouTube channel, I'm also a strength coach and powerlifter (that trains like an athlete in the off-season and with his accessories, hence why I love cross-training shoes).

I built this training shoe finder and calculator because subtle details can matter when it comes to high-performing individuals. In my other job, my main role is focusing on movement patterns and manipulating biomechanics to produce the best results possible per the goals, needs, and context of the individual I'm working with.

I like to think that my coaching eye helps give me an edge when it comes to product reviews. I'm viewing the product as both a consumer and a coach that is constantly on the mission of performing his best and helping others do the same.

In my opinion, there are too many "reviewers" that work in this space that don't physically walk the walk. My whole life is consumed by training (and my dogs), so as this site and my product knowledge grow, so will my training eye.

And look, you don't need to be a pro athlete to care about having a pair of shoes that match your needs really well. For example, just because you're not squatting as much as your favorite strength athlete, doesn't mean you should just grab a random pair of shoes and make them work.

No, find a pair that works well for you and as you grow as an athlete and lifter, you'll understand why this matters. The more trained and niche you get, the more subtle details can add up to build stronger performance.

Do note, when you submit your name and email to complete this calculator, you will be added to the That Fit Friend email list. I will never spam you and I use this email list to send out shoe and apparel updates along with heads up on deals as I find them! I think you'll enjoy being on the list.