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NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer | Which Shoe Is Best for You?

I independently buy and hand-test everything recommended on That Fit Friend. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission. Read more here.

NOBULL Trainer vs Trainer Plus Article

The NOBULL Trainer+ is the latest cross-training shoe designed for lifting and CrossFit from NOBULL. The Trainer+ has a few key updates and construction changes compared to the original NOBULL Trainer.

Both of these models deliver consistent performances, so that begs the question, “Should you go with the NOBULL Trainer+ or NOBULL Trainer?”

If we break down the construction of the NOBULL Trainer+ versus the NOBULL Trainer we can better identify which cross-training shoe is best for your training needs.

As a fan of both the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer for different reasons, I wanted to test both in a range of contexts to see which is superior so you can make a more educated buying decision.

NOBULL Trainer Vs NOBULL Trainer+ At a Glance

I get asked a lot about my thoughts on the NOBULL Trainer versus the NOBULL Trainer+. There are a lot of similarities between these shoes. By that same token, though, the few differences between them make a big difference.

Both shoes will work exceptionally well for lifting and CrossFit. However, if you want a shoe better suited for cross-training, short runs, and even walking then you’ll want to explore the NOBULL Trainer+.

That said, the stack height in the Trainer+ is higher so it may not be as optimized for things like 1-RM deadlifts, but I don’t think that will be a major concern for most recreational lifters who need a shoe for general strength work. 

  • Heel-to-Toe Drops: 4mm
  • Removable Insoles: Yes
  • Widths: Regular
  • Best for CrossFit: NOBULL Trainer+
  • Best for Lifting: NOBULL Trainer
  • Best for Running: NOBULL Trainer+
  • Best for Casual Wear: NOBULL Trainer+
NOBULL Trainer

NOBULL Trainer

Pros: Stable, Durable
Cons: Running Performance
Size/Fit: True to Size/Neutral Width
Offset: 4mm
Lifting Threshold: ~500 lbs
Mileage Threshold: <3-Miles
Price: $129
TF2 Rating: 4.2
NOBULL Trainer Plus

NOBULL Trainer+

Pros: Versatile, Durable
Cons: Toe Spring
Size/Fit: True to Size/Neutral Width
Offset: 4mm
Lifting Threshold: ~500 lbs
Mileage Threshold: <3 miles
Price: $139
TF2 Rating: 4.5

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NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer Performance

To break down the performance of the NOBULL Trainer+ versus the NOBULL Trainer, I’m going to talk about how these shoes perform in different contexts. This way you can better contextualize how these models would work for your training needs and wants.

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer for Lifting and CrossFit

For general lifting, the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer both perform well. Each shoe’s midsole delivers enough stability to support heavy training sets and I’ve deadlifted well over 455 lbs and squatted over 355 lbs in both models without stability issues.

NOBULL Trainer Plus for lifting and CrossFit

The NOBULL Trainer+ does have a slight have a bit more toe spring which could be something to consider for certain exercises. For example, the mixture of the Trainer+’s toe spring and higher stack height make it a less desirable cross-training shoe for deadlifts.

In the context of CrossFit, I like both of these models. I think the NOBULL Trainer+ will be more comfortable for most lifters and athletes during things like box jumps and shorter runs due to its reworked and thicker midsole.

For rope climbs and abrasion resistance, both of these shoes excel and I don’t think you can go wrong with either when it comes to their durability and tackling CrossFit workouts.

nobull trainer plyometrics and hiit

I think if you prefer having a lower-to-the-ground and more stable feel when lifting and doing CrossFit, then the NOBULL Trainer will be the call. However, if you like a bit more comfort and “bounce” in your shoes, then the Trainer+ is a good option.

Winner: It depends. For more stability, go NOBULL Trainer. For more comfort, go NOBULL Trainer+.

NOBULL Trainer


NOBULL Trainers

Best For

  • CrossFit-Style Training
  • Lifting
  • Daily Wear
  • Casual Classes and HIIT

Falls Short

  • For Running
  • For Plyometrics and Athletic Training

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer for HIIT, Plyometrics, and Versatile Training

For the contexts of HIIT training, plyometrics, and more versatile training both of these shoes work, but I do think there’s a winner here. When it comes to the pros of both of these models’ training in this context I like the outsole and upper constructions in both shoes.

The outsoles in both models grip really well on a variety of surfaces and the upper constructions are highly durable which is another perk for outdoor training and versatile workouts.

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NOBULL Trainer Plus for crossfit and lifting

The main difference though is the support and responsiveness that comes with each model and this is where I think the NOBULL Trainer+ takes the edge. The medium-density EVA midsole in this shoe provides a bit more “pop” when jumping and it’s more forgiving for exercises like double-unders.

If you’re wanting a shoe purely for versatile training and you’re not worried about how the shoe’s stack height influences specific lifting asks, then the NOBULL Trainer+ is a really good option to explore.

Winner: NOBULL Trainer+

NOBULL Trainer+


NOBULL Trainer Plus

Best For

  • Cross-Training Style Workouts
  • CrossFit
  • Recreational Lifting

Falls Short

  • For Versatile Training
  • For Cost-Efficiency

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer for Walking, Running, and Daily Wear

In the context of walking, running, and daily wear, both shoes will have slightly different performances for each setting. For daily wear, I like both models and feel that they’re good durable options for wearing out and about.

The full rubber outsoles protect the midsole construction in each model well and the upper construction is easy to clean which is another perk, especially if you’re wearing these for commuting and travel.

NOBULL Trainer Plus for crossfit

Regarding walking and running, I do prefer the NOBULL Trainer+ a bit more and this is due to the midsole construction and herringbone lug patterned outsole. I think this shoe is a bit more forgiving for running and walking and the outsole feels durable for tackling walks and runs on different surfaces.

Don’t get me wrong, you can use the NOBULL Trainer for short runs and walking, but I do think you’ll notice that its stability causes its overall comfort to dip a little bit.

Winner: NOBULL Trainer+, but for daily wear, both models are good options.

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer Construction

To discuss the construction of the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer, I’m going to discuss individual construction areas on each shoe. This will help this section hopefully be easier to parse through and read.


One of the main construction differences between the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer is their outsole construction. Both models feature full rubber outsoles that help protect the midsole when training on different surfaces.

The NOBULL Trainer+ has a slightly thicker rubber outsole that is built with a herringbone lug pattern. The outsole of this wraps over the entirety of the toe box which I like for durability purposes.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Outsole Construction

The NOBULL Trainer features a full rubber outsole that has a traditional lug patterning. This outsole also wraps over the toe and does a good job with traction and durability.


The midsole construction of the Trainer+ and Trainer is also one of the big differences between these models. The reworked midsole in the Trainer+ is designed to provide a more comfortable ride in this shoe.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Midsole Constructions

In the NOBULL Trainer+, there’s a thicker medium-density EVA foam that runs throughout the entirety of the shoe. This midsole provides a slightly more responsive and comfortable feel compared to the NOBULL Trainer.

In the NOBULL Trainer, we have a fairly thin high-density foam midsole that provides a high level of stability when training. The NOBULL Trainer’s midsole has a slight edge for stability and gives you a closer to the ground feel when training.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Midsole and stack height Constructions

The different midsole constructions also change the stack height in these shoes. The NOBULL Trainer+ has a significantly higher stack height compared to the NOBULL Trainer, and this is why I’m not the biggest fan of deadlifts in this model.


The upper construction in both models is consistent. The NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer have SuperFabric uppers that cover the entirety of the shoe with similar reflective NOBULL branding on the lateral heel.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Upper Constructions

While I like the SuperFabric upper in both shoes for durability purposes, I do think both models can run relatively hot at times. I noticed this model in the NOBULL Trainer+ and I think that has to do with their slightly heavier construction.

Laces and Tongue

The tongue construction in both of these shoes is consistent. Each model comes with a lightweight perforated tongue which does somewhat help with the shoe’s ability to breathe well.

The lacing system itself is slightly different in both shoes. The NOBULL Trainer+ features an internal web-lacing system with six eyelets that provides the midfoot in this shoe with a nice level of security. 

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Tongue and Lacing Constructions

The NOBULL Trainer has a traditional lacing system with five eyelets and metal eyelet rings. This model’s lacing system also provides a nice level of security despite being built differently.


Both of these shoes have removable insoles which is a nice feature for anyone that wants to put their own inserts and orthotics into these models. The upper volume in the Trainer+ is slightly higher so it may be a better bet for anyone with custom inserts.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer insole

You can use custom inserts in the NOBULL Trainer as well, but I’d suggest using thinner insoles in them if you plan to use your own. This will help prevent them from feeling too tight.

Weight and Heel-to-Toe Drop

The heel-to-toe drop in the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer remains the same consistent drop that NOBULL has always used. The NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer both have a 4mm heel-to-toe drop.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer heel to toe drop and weight

Concerning weight, there is a difference between these models. The NOBULL Trainer+ is slightly heavier than the NOBULL Trainer and this is due to their thicker midsole and outsole materials.

  • NOBULL Trainer+ Weight: 12.75 oz (for my size 10 model)
  • NOBULL Trainer Weight: 10.7 oz (for my size 10 model)

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer Sizing

The sizing and fit are fairly consistent with both the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer. I think most lifters and athletes should be safe going true-to-size in both of these trainers.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Size Differences

However, there are a few specific sizing and fit scenarios where each of these models can vary. For example, in the NOBULL Trainer, you may want to size up a half size if you have a wide foot. This should award you with a little more room in the toe box.

Additionally, if you have custom inserts or insoles, then you may want to consider the NOBULL Trainer+. This shoe has a bit more volume through the midfoot and toe box which can accommodate the use of inserts better than the NOBULL Trainer.

  • NOBULL Trainer Sizing Thoughts: Go true-to-size. Size up a .5 size if you have a wide foot.
  • NOBULL Trainer+ Sizing Thoughts: Go true-to-size.

Nobull Trainer plus vs nobull trainer sizing and fit

In the context of if you already wear NOBULL Trainers, then I’d say play it safe and opt for the size that already works for you. For example, if you wear a half size up in the regular Trainer, then you should go for the same size in the Trainer+.

If you have additional sizing and fit questions on the NOBULL Trainer and NOBULL Trainer+, hit me in the comments below.

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer Durability

Durability is an area where both the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer excel. Both of these shoes deliver durable construction to match the demands of most cross-training, CrossFit, and lifting settings.

Between these two models, I don’t think you’ll run into any glaring durability issues right away during your training sessions. Both models feature NOBULL’s signature SuperFabric on their uppers and they do well with abrasion resistance.

The medium-density EVA foam on the NOBULL Trainer+ also does a good job at preventing breakdown and they’re fairly easy to clean. This is similar to the high-density foam midsole used in the traditional NOBULL Trainer, too.

NOBULL Trainer Plus Vs NOBULL Trainer Durability

I also like that both models feature full rubber outsoles for anyone wanting to train outside in their NOBULL training shoes. These outsoles help protect the midsole and any form of scuffing or midsole breakdown that concrete and asphalt can cause.

The only area that I think could differ for each of these shoes’ durabilities is that I think the Trainer+ does have a slight edge for daily wear and outdoor training. I like this model’s thick outsole and herringbone lug patterning for really increasing this shoe’s ability to be durable in a variety of settings.

NOBULL Trainer+ Vs NOBULL Trainer Vs High-Top Trainer

If you’re debating between the NOBULL Trainer+, NOBULL Trainer, and NOBULL High-Top Trainer, I wanted to discuss a few similarities and differences across all of these models.

nobull high top trainer for crossfit

Regarding similarities, the upper construction is consistent throughout and every model features NOBULL’s SuperFabric upper material. Additionally, the midsole and outsole construction of the NOBULL Trainer and High-Top Trainer are consistent with one another.

That being said, similar to the NOBULL Trainer construction and performance comparison notes above, you can safely assume that the NOBULL High-Top Trainer and NOBULL Trainer+ will have similar performance and durability outcomes.

nobull trainer vs nobull high top trainer

The main difference between these models is that the High-Top Trainer has a higher boot construction. This changes their overall fit and feel for daily and during cross-training workouts.

I think the boot in High-Top Trainer can be a little limiting for certain cross-training settings and this shoe can be a little hot at times, however, I do like the high-top build for daily wear.

NOBULL High-Top Trainer


NOBULL High-Top Trainer

Best For

  • Heavy Lifting
  • Day-to-Day Wear
  • Long-Term Durability

Falls Short

  • For Versatile Training
  • For Running
  • For Cost-Efficiency

I think if you want a pair of NOBULL shoes for casual wear and lifting, then the High-Top model is a really good choice, but if you want a shoe for serious training that works well in a variety of settings, then go for the NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer as they will be the better call.

Price Comparison

The NOBULL Trainer+ and NOBULL Trainer have slightly different price points. The NOBULL Trainer has consistently been $129 USD since its launch to the mass market in 2015.

For the NOBULL Trainer+, you can expect to pay $139 USD. This $10 USD price increase could be justified if the Trainer+ aligns well with your performance and sizing asks for this shoe.

Both of these price points align with the market’s most popular cross-training shoes and I think if you love NOBULL and align with either model, then their prices can be justified. They perform well and have good levels of durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are NOBULL shoes true to size?

Most NOBULL shoes fit true-to-size, however, there are some discrepancies between models. For example, if you have a wider foot, then you may want to size up a half size in the NOBULL Trainer. I also suggest checking out reviews and NOBULL's sizing scale before investing.

Can you run in NOBULL Trainers?

NOBULL Trainers work okay for shorter that are programmed in WODs. The NOBULL Trainer Plus delivers a better construction for shorter runs compared to the NOBULL Trainer and could be a better pick for anyone wanting a Trainer to tackle short runs here and there.

Takeaway Thoughts

I like the NOBULL Trainer+ and the NOBULL Trainer and think they’re good cross-training shoes in certain contexts. The Trainer+ delivers a more comfortable ride, while the NOBULL Trainer delivers a lower-to-the-ground stable feeling.

If you’re wanting a shoe for general CrossFit and lifting, then I don’t think you can go wrong with either of these shoes.

If you have additional questions on the NOBULL Trainer+ versus the NOBULL Trainer, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@jake_boly).

I independently buy and hand-test everything recommended on That Fit Friend. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission. Read more here.

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

Jake Boly is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of That Fit Friend. He's often regarded to as a go-to resource in various performance shoe communities. He’s been formally reviewing shoes and training gear for over 7 years and has hand-tested over 400 pairs of shoes. Jake is known on the internet and YouTube for blending his review process with his educational, strength sports, and personal training background.

Jake has a Masters in Sports Science, a Bachelors in Exercise Science, a CSCS, and he's been personal training for over 10 years helping hundreds of clients get stronger, lose weight, and accomplish their goals. He uses his exercise science brain and personal training background to make curated and thoughtful review content on the fitness gear he's testing.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the very important information regarding the shoes, I wanted to ask if it is recommended to take half a size larger for the NOBUL+ if I change to custom insoles?

  2. Hello, Jake. I am from Korea. I saw your review and YouTube well. What is the color of the Nobull trainer in this article? I wnat to buy that color but I don’t think it’s on the official website.

    1. Hey — sometimes colorways are discontinued so if you’re not seeing them, the NOBULL likely doesn’t stock them anymore. The NOBULL Trainer was an ivory colorway and the Trainer+ is a black/gum colorway!

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