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That Fit Friend In the Press

Over the course of my (Jake Boly) starting That Fit Friend, I’ve had a lot of news outlets and press outlets reach out for quotes on topics in which I have expertise.

With over 10+ years of personal training and coaching experience, a Masters in Sports Science, a Bachelors in Exercise Science, and having reviewed over 400+ pairs of shoes, outlets will typically reach out for quotes regarding exercise and gear-related topics. Check out some of my press features below!

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Power Snatch Press Feature

Power Snatch Programming, ft. In Yahoo Sports

In this article, I was asked to share my thoughts on the power snatch and its application for a variety of training contexts. This is an exercise that I love programming for power-focused athletes.

Bands Press Feature

Resistance Bands Shoulder Exercises ft. In Bustle

In this article, I was asked to share thoughts about different shoulder exercises performed with resistance bands. I love using resistance bands for lifters who have limited equipment or overcoming injuries.

Sharing Insights and Thoughts On 75 Hard ft. In Forbes

We all know about 75 Hard and you've likely heard countless people talk about how they love or dislike it. I was asked to share my thoughts on its feasibility and how to approach utilizing 75 Hard.

Stop Lifting Weights In Running Shoes ft. In Insider​

We see beginners do it all of the time, and eventually most realize that lifting in running shoes is sub-optimal for growth as one's strength training gets more serious. I share my thoughts about this topic in Insider.

Morning Routine Press Feature

Morning Routines for Consistent Gains ft. In Business Insider​

Every morning I follow a consistent routine to set my day up for success. Business Insider asked me how I implement healthy eating and some fitness into my morning routine to attack my days productively.

Home Workouts Press Feature

10 At Home Workouts for Crushing Your Goals ft. In Parade

Parade asked me to share some of my favorite exercises and tips for working out at home. In this article, I share multiple workout flows and exercises that I've used with clients to help them reach success.

How Often Should You Perform Deadlifts? ft. In Esquire

I love deadlifts and regularly program them for my clients. How often you should perform them should be contextual on your goals. Here's how I approach programming deadlifts when using different frequencies.

10 Muscle Building Tips Everyone Should Use ft. In Men's Health

Trying to build muscle? There are countless ways to approach this topic and some methods are more effective than others. I share my thoughts on some of my favorite muscle building fundamentals.

Right Shoes Press Feature

How to Choose the Right Shoes ft. On Legion Athletics Podcast

I love nerding about training shoes. I was asked to come on the Muscle for Life Podcast with Mike Mathews from Legion Athletics to discuss training shoes and how to pick the right shoes for your needs.

Best Exercises to Build Strong Glutes ft. In AOL

A great set of glutes is the culmination of hardwork and consistency. There are a ton of exercises you can use to strengthen and build your glutes. I share some of my favorite exercises on AOL.

Dead Hang Press Feature

What Is the Dead Hang Challenge ft. In Askmen

The dead hang is when you hang off of a bar and hold your own bodyweight. It recently went viral. asked me for insights on what the dead hang is and how you can improve yours.