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hylo Run 2 Review | Sustainable and Recyclable Running Shoe?

The hylo Run 2 is the core running and training shoe made by Hylo Athletics. This shoe is built with a plethora of responsibly-sourced materials and they have a competitively low carb footprint.

As someone who reviews countless running and training, I’m always keeping my eyes out for sustainable options, and that’s why I was super excited to test the hylo Run 2. This shoe is a strong performer for short runs and some versatile training sessions.

The details that go into the hylo Run 2’s construction are really cool. Hylo Athletics also have a great recycling program where they give you gear credit for recycling old shoes. Regarding performance, I do think there are areas on this should that could be improved, but I’ll discuss those below in detail.

hylo Run 2 Review

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Who Should Invest In the hylo Run 2?

The hylo Run 2 is a running shoe that also shows promise in some lifting and cross-training settings. This model is built with responsibly-sourced materials and has a lower carbon footprint of 6.56kg CO2e.

This shoe’s Corn Spring® midsole has a firmer feel in regard to running and training. These shoes will definitely resonate best with runners and athletes that like running shoes with more firmness.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 shoes

Outside of training and running, I also like this model for daily wear and walking. Their upper breathes well and they have a simplistic and clean aesthetic so they can be worn in a variety of settings.

For serious training and running, I do think the hylo Run 2 falls short due to its lack of ankle support and upper security. However, for someone looking for sustainable and casual running shoes, the hylo Run 2 hits the mark.

hylo Run 2


hylo Run 2 Product Shot

Best For

  • Hybrid Workouts (Running + Light Training)
  • Walking
  • Daily and Casual Wear
  • Sustainability

Falls Short

  • For Ankle/Arch Support
  • For Maximal Cushion

hylo Run 2 Pros

While reviewing, running, and working out in the hylo Run 2, I found multiple things to like about this model.

  1. Good Shoe for Walking and Casual Wear
  2. Viable Option for Hybrid Workouts
  3. Responsibly-Sourced Materials
  4. Gear Credit for Old Shoes

The first thing to like about the hylo Run 2 is that it’s a good shoe for walking. If you’ve been on the market for a running shoe that you can wear casually and to wear for longer walks, then the hylo Run 2 is worth exploring.

hylo Run 2 for walking

This shoe’s midsole runs a little more firm, but it’s cushioned enough to provide support and comfort for walking. For example, I’ll often reach for these when I’m walking the dogs or going for longer post-dinner walks with my significant other.

I also like that this shoe has a simplistic look and construction to them. The clean upper with a lack of major branding helps make this shoe look casual in a variety of daily wear settings.

The second thing to like about the hylo Run 2 is that it can serve as a good hybrid training and cross-training shoe. Note, when I reference hybrid training, I’m referring to running-focused athletes that regularly bias running on a weekly basis but perform workouts that include some running and light to moderate training a few times a week.

Testing the hylo Run 2 for working out

For example, if you regularly run a few miles, then add in exercises like goblet squats, lunges, and kettlebell swings before or after your run, then the hylo Run 2 can be worth looking into.

The hylo Run 2’s midsole runs a bit more on the firmer side for running shoes, so they have a bit more stability for lifting and hybrid-style sessions compared to other running shoes that run more on the plush compressive side.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 outsole

The third aspect to like about the hylo Run 2 is the materials Hylo Athletics uses in this model. If you’re super conscious of the materials sourced in your shoes, then the hylo Run 2 is a great option to look into.

For example, the midsole in this model is built with a Corn Spring® technology and there’s an Algae Bloom™ insole. Essentially, every part of this shoe is built with a material that is designed to be better for the environment.

hylo Run 2 insole construction

Check out the components of this shoe listed under the hylo Run 2’s “materials science” tab,

“Corn Spring® 28.82%, Corn Fibre 28.52%, Natural Rubber 20.44%, Corn-Based Reinforcement 7.77%, Algae Bloom™ 7.02%, Organic Cotton 4.15%, Bioform 1.64%, Water-Based Glue 1.55%, Polyester 0.08%, Water-Based Ink 0.01%.”

The final thing to like about the hylo Run 2, and more specifically Hylo Athletics, is that they’ll give you a $10 credit for recycling your old shoes when they’ve received them. This means that you can send Hylo Athletics old training shoes for gear credit towards a new pair of shoes.

hylo Run 2 midsole construction

I think this is a really cool initiative and it’s cool that Hylo Athletics will take training shoes from other brands, too, not just their own models. They make the shipping label for you and make the process super seamless which is also a perk.

hylo Run 2 Cons

Overall, I think the hylo Run 2 is definitely an interesting training shoe with a cool mission behind them. However, there are a few cons to note about this model.

  1. Upper Construction Could Be Better
  2. Not the Best Ankle/Arch Support
  3. May Not Be Great for Runners Wanting More Cushion

The first drawback to the hylo Run 2 is the upper construction used on this model. While I like the idea of the minimalist-esque knit upper in this model, I feel like it lacks in certain performance settings and foot security.

hylo Run 2 boot construction

For example, since the upper is a single-layered knit, it doesn’t provide the best security around the forefoot when jumping and doing lateral work. In cross-training settings, this could be an issue for those that like to do more dynamic and multi-directional work.

It would be nice if the upper provided a more locked-down fit, as this would boost this shoe’s effectiveness in serious training settings. For casual workouts and walking, they’re fine, however, the upper is the limiter for this shoe’s potential, in my opinion.

In addition, I think positioning the loop on the tongue higher or adding a second loop would be nice for additional tongue security. It didn’t happen every workout, but the tongue would move here and there, which then needed adjusting mid-workout.

hylo Run 2 tongue construction

Another drawback to the hylo Run 2 is that the ankle and arch both lack adequate support if you need those in your training shoes. The boot of this model runs a bit looser and it doesn’t have any form of a reinforced cup to lock the heel down.

If you need ankle support when training, then I could see this being a turnoff for you. Additionally, this model doesn’t have a ton of arch support through its midsole or insole. Like the ankle support, the lack of arch support could be a turnoff for some.

The final drawback that I found with the hylo Run 2 is that the midsole runs on the firmer side. If you’re someone who likes plusher and cushioned midsoles for running, then I don’t think you’ll resonate with this model.

testing the hylo Run 2 for running

In addition, even when these broke more in, I found that the midsole was still firm with relatively minimal midfoot mobility which gives them a firm and stiff feel and fit when training.


To cover the performance of the hylo Run 2, I’m going to break this section into three key sections. I’m going to discuss how the hylo Run 2 performs for cross-training, for different running distances, and for walking/casual wear.

By breaking the hylo Run 2’s performance into multiple sections you can better contextualize if this shoe is a good fit for your training needs, wants, and preferences. 

hylo Run 2 Performance Overview

Testing the hylo Run 2 for Cross-Training

For cross-training and hybrid workouts, the hylo Run 2 does a fairly good job. I think it will work best for cross-training sessions that include more static strength-focused exercises.

The Corn Spring midsole provides a fair amount of stability for a running shoe. When doing heavier goblet squats and unilateral leg exercises, I never really had an issue with my balance due to this shoe’s midsole compressing.

testing the hylo Run 2 for cross training

The only area where the hylo Run 2 falls short for cross-training is with dynamic lateral exercises and more explosive movements. As mentioned above, the upper construction doesn’t do the best job locking the foot down and I experienced some foot sliding in this context.

Testing the hylo Run 2 for Running

When it comes to running, I think there will be areas where the hylo Run 2 excels and where they fall short. I think this is a running/training shoe that is best served for distances that range between 1-5 miles.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 for runs

I also think the hylo Run 2 is a running shoe that can be pretty polarizing in regard to its running performance. For example, I think you’ll either love the performance of this shoe for this context or not like them whatsoever, I don’t think there’s a lot of in-between with this model.

Since this shoe has a slightly firmer ride, I found that they were most comfortable for my shorter to mid-range runs. However, as I hit higher mileages and fatigue started kicking in I started to feel the impact of the firmer midsole.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 for running

More or less, I think the lack of upper security in addition to my fatigue made the firmer ride of the hylo Run 2 feel accentuated. As my cadence slowed and my stride got longer, I started to notice that I was sliding a tiny towards the end of my run.

Testing the hylo Run 2 for Walking and Casual Wear

I really like the hylo Run 2 for walking and daily wear. In the context of walking and casual wear, there are two key things that I like about the hylo Run 2’s construction and performance.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 for daily wear

First, the hylo Run 2 is a shoe that walks the fine line between being stable yet cushioned enough and supportive for walking. This is great for anyone that likes using running shoes for walking that are a bit firmer in nature through the midsole. 

For example, if I’m wearing a running shoe for all-day whether that be for traveling or going out and about, I like a shoe that isn’t overly plush and gives me adequate ground feedback. If you’re similar, then I think you’ll like that about this shoe.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 for walking

Second, I like that the hylo Run 2 has relatively no branding and a simplistic knit upper. While the upper falls short for performance, it excels in delivering a more casual vibe. This shoe can be worn in a bunch of different settings and they don’t shout, “running shoes”.

hylo Run 2 Sizing

The hylo Run 2 should fit true to size for most athletes and runners. However, you may want to size down and I’ll explore more on this below. As a whole, this shoe’s length runs true and they what would describe as a more neutral width.

hylo Run 2 shoes

The reason I suggest potentially sizing down a half size is due to the upper construction. I really like the length of this model, but the thinner upper and lack of ankle support give me a little heel slip in this model when they’re cranked all the way tight.

For this reason, I think going down a half size would be a good call. This would allow me to wear these more casually with a looser fit as opposed to having to tighten them a ton just to prevent heel slip from happening.

  • hylo Run 2 Sizing Thoughts: Go true to size, but if you want to wear them casually with a looser fit, then go down a half size.

hylo Run 2 Shoes Sizing and Fit

If you have additional sizing and fit questions on the hylo Run 2, drop a comment below and I can try to help you out accordingly.

Price Breakdown

For the hylo Run 2, you can expect to pay $135 USD.  This price point is what I would describe as falling in the middle of the road compared to other running shoes.

reviewing the hylo Run 2 mobility

I think if you’re investing in the hylo Run 2 for their materials and ethos in addition to understanding the specific contexts where this shoe excels, then the price point makes sense for this shoe.

Conversely, if you want a running shoe with maximal cushioning, ankle support, or arch support, then the price point for this shoe doesn’t make the most sense for your context.

Construction  Details

Below, I’m going to outline some of the key construction details to know about the hylo Run 2. Despite this shoe being simplistic in nature there are a lot of cool details about the materials used in this model.

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 9.5mm
  • Weight: 9.12 oz (for my size 10 model)
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • Corn Spring Midsole
  • Knit Upper
  • Algae-Bloom Insole
  • Natural Rubber Outsole

I also like that the hylo Run 2 has a carbon footprint of 6.56kg CO2e, which is well on the lower end for running shoes. Hylo Athletics also uses FSC-recycled cardboard with their packaging.

If you have additional questions on the hylo Run 2’s construction, drop a comment below.

Takeaway Thoughts

If you’re looking for a sustainable running shoe that features a wide range of responsibly sourced materials, then I think the hylo Run 2 is a good option to explore.

They work well for short runs, some cross-training workouts, and for walking and casual wear. The minimal branding and appearance give this shoe a sleek profile with a high degree of breathability.

I do think there are some areas with the hylo Run 2’s construction that could be improved to make it a stronger performer such as its looser upper and lacking ankle structure.

If you have additional questions on the hylo Run 2, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@that_fit_friend or @jake_boly).

Jake Boly, CSCS, MS Sports Science

Jake Boly, CSCS, MS Sports Science

Jake Boly is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of That Fit Friend. He's often regarded to as a go-to resource in various performance shoe communities. He’s been formally reviewing shoes and training gear for over 7 years and has hand-tested over 400 pairs of shoes. Jake is known on the internet and YouTube for blending his review process with his educational, strength sports, and personal training background.

Jake has a Masters in Sports Science, a Bachelors in Exercise Science, a CSCS, and he's been personal training for over 10 years helping hundreds of clients get stronger, lose weight, and accomplish their goals. He uses his exercise science brain and personal training background to make curated and thoughtful review content on the fitness gear he's testing.

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