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Jeb Stuart Johnston, NBC-HWC

Jeb and That Fit Friend’s Connection: I met Jeb a few years ago through a mutual coaching connection and we’ve since become friends. Jeb routinely provides valuable nutrition and mindset advice.

Jeb is a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach who specializes in emotional eating. His coaching practice Food on the Mind is a one-of-it’s-kind program for women who have spent a lifetime hyperfixated on weight loss and yo-yo dieting. With an integration of emotional regulation and cognitive skills Jeb has created a model for emotional eating like nothing else in the fitness industry. Through his work on emotional eating, Jeb has helped over a thousand people to heal their relationships with food and themselves.

An accomplished writer, Jeb has contributed articles to publications such as Men’s Journal, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Business Outsider, BarBend, the PTDC as well as being a coauthor to a published research study on eating behaviors. He also is a co-author on the upcoming book Get Fluxxed: Turning Metabolism Upside Down. His latest collaboration is a podcast with the Founder of Stronger U Mike Doehla; The Macro & The Mindset.

With a vast and varied background as a musician-turned-celebrity hairdresser, Jeb approaches the world of Health Coaching from a unique perspective. With over a decade in the fitness industry, his pivot to emotional eating came in 2018 while working in the nutrition coaching sphere. Recognizing the high levels of recidivism in dieters, he recognized that a numerical approach to nutrition was not successful long term. The lack of sustainability wasn’t due to a knowledge gap or willpower, rather a lack of emotional regulation. 

With the guidance of his mentor, Dr Lisa Lewis, Jeb began to explore different modalities in the field of behavioral health in order to better facilitate his client’s growth. Through extensive study he came across the teachings of Marsha Linehan and her skills based approach to treating a multitude of maladaptive behaviors. Melding these skills into his approach of managing environment, promoting exercise and nutritional education he has created a holistic approach to health that builds a better life.

If you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting and the hamster wheel of intentional weight loss, perhaps it’s time to try something different. With a unique perspective based on self-compassion, relationships and community Jeb is the go to resource for emotional eating. 

“We are all doing the best we can, and we can do better.”- Marsha Linehan

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