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Altra Lone Peak 7 Review | Good for Wide Feet and Beginners?

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Altra recently released its 7th version of the Lone Peak model early in 2022 and it did not disappoint. Although this was my first test of any Altra shoe, I have been hearing great things about the brand for years and was excited to give them a try.

I was mostly interested to see how the wider toe box and zero drop construction of the Altra Lone Peak 7 would translate to my trail running. For a shoe with what appears to have minimal construction and detail, the Lone Peak 7 takes the cake with superior comfort.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Altra Lone Peak 7 and there are not too many things to fault this shoe on. That being said, I do have a couple of small cons, and I’ll discuss those below.

Who Should Buy the Altra Lone Peak 7?

Both runners and hikers alike are looking for a shoe with superior comfort, excellent durability, and moderate traction. This shoe is great for anyone who intends on running low to moderate technical terrain.

With a minimal lug depth, the Lone Peak 7 can handle almost anything thrown in its path but does have limitations when running highly technical terrain. This is a true trail running shoe that can handle moderate hikes really well.

Running In the Altra Lone Peak 7

I loved this Altra model for both short and long runs. The biggest advantage I noticed was the comfort of my longer runs. The forefoot of the shoe has a wide toe box that allows the toes to splay when running which provides a natural and comfortable feel. Along with a snug fitting midfoot that allows you to pick up the pace on shorter runs and feel secure. 

If you are running flat trails or steep trails with low to moderate technical terrain, at any distance over stable conditions, you will not be disappointed with the Lone Peak 7 shoe.

But if you require a shoe that can handle highly technical terrain or a shoe that excels in variable conditions, you might want to look elsewhere.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Altra Lone Peak 7?

If you’re wanting a trail running shoe for highly technical trails where you’ll run into a ton of abrasion or as a hiker for technical terrain, you’ll likely want to pass on this model.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Outsole Review

This shoe’s MaxTrac and Trail Claw Lugs are okay for easy to moderate terrains, but I found them to fall short in contexts where I was navigating looser terrain or any form of wetness.

Another drawback to the Altra Lone Peak 7 is that its zero-drop construction may not resonate with everyone. If you traditionally need a running shoe with a higher drop, then you may not resonate with this shoe’s overall performance, especially on flat trails.

Altra Lone Peak 7


Altra Lone Peak 7 Product Shot

Best For

  • Light Terrain Trail Runs
  • Moderate Terrain Trail Runs
  • Light to Moderate Terrain Hikes
  • Wider Feet

Falls Short

  • For Technical Terrain

Altra Lone Peak 7 Pros

There are multiple pros that come along with the Altra Lone Peak 7. Here are four of the biggest pros that I have noticed

  1. AltraEgo Midsole Provides Balanced Cushioning 
  2. Lacing System Is Customizable
  3. Wider Toe Box Is Good for Wider Feet
  4. 0mm Drop Will Be Great for Some

The first pro is the performance of the AltarEgo midsole. This midsole does exactly what the manufacturer says it’s designed to do. Altra states that the AltraEgo is “designed to harmonize the balance of responsiveness and comfort” and it does just that.

The shoe feels great over short and long distances which to me, indicates that it has both responsiveness and comfort. Even though there is a seemingly minimal design to the shoe, the Altra Lone Peak 7 does not fall short in the comfort category.

the Altra Lone Peak 7 Midsole

Another pro of the Altra Lone Peak 7 is the updated and customizable lacing system. As stated before, this is my first review of any Altra shoe. So I have not had a chance to compare and review previous Lone Peak models. But this lacing system is very snug and secure for both shorter and longer runs.

The ability to pull on different portions of the lace and have the shoe conform to your foot differently was a nice touch. Even when tightening the shoe down fairly aggressively, I did not feel as though there was unwanted pressure on any portions of my foot. Altra did a great job with this updated lacing system on the Lone Peak 7. 

Altra Lone Peak 7 Lacing System

Next, the shaping of the Lone Peak 7 offers superior comfort and a natural running feel. Altra has a few different shoe shapes but uses the “Original Foot Shape” with the Lone Peak 7. This is the roomiest of all three options that Altra offers.

I love how much room there is in the forefoot which allows for your toes to splay when contacting the ground. Another aspect I love was not having my foot feel like it was going to spill over the sole of the shoe. I do have somewhat of a wide foot and it can feel like my foot wants to shift side to side over the sole, but not with Lone Peak 7. 

Altra Lone Peak 7 Toe Box Width

Lastly, this was my first ever 0mm heel-to-toe drop shoe review and it might be my favorite drop height thus far. The feel of having your foot flatter to the ground, as opposed to a higher drop height with a somewhat pitched forward feel, was a pleasant surprise. I do contact the ground with my forefoot/mid-foot as opposed to my heel.

The 0mm drop had a very natural feel for me and if you strike the ground with the front portion of your shoe too, I would encourage you to try a 0mm drop.  But if you are a heel striker when running at a slower pace you may find a higher drop to be beneficial. 

Altra Lone Peak 7 Cons

The Altra Lone Peak 7 did not have many negatives, I really enjoyed the shoe as a whole, but I did find one con with this model.

  1. Trail Claw Performance Is Hit Or Miss
  2. Features May Lack On This Shoe for Some

Altra updated their Outsole on the Lone Peak 7 with MaxTrac and Trail Claw Lugs. The company states that the MaxTrac outsole has a combination of grip, traction, and durability on all types of terrain.

Along with the Trail Claw canted lugs are strategically placed under metatarsals to provide added traction. This design does work well on low to moderate technical terrain and dry-condition trail. But falls short when the terrain is a bit more technical and variable condition.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Lugs

I would not have an issue with this build of outsole had Altra not stated that its design is specifically for all types of terrain, which I find to be false. This combination of outsole design and technology performed decently well but I think there are better options out there.

Another drawback that I think could bother some with the Altra Lone Peak 7 is that this model appeared to have lost a few features that other Lone Peak shoes have possessed. Also, the colorways are a little sub-par on this shoe, in my opinion. The colorways used in this shoe’s predecessors looked a lot better.

Altra Lone Peak 7 for Technical Trails

Note, as I write this review, I’m writing it from a first-time Lone Peak user’s point of view, and I don’t know what I don’t know. So, for this reason, if you look at other reviews of diehard Lone Peak fans then it seems the consensus is a lack of love for this shoe due to features being decreased.

If you’re a first-time Lone Peak buyer and you’re planning to use this shoe for the contexts outlined above, you should be fine. However, I wanted to make it known that I do lack some context regarding this shoe’s performance and its predecessors.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Performance 

Below I am going to break down the performance of the Altra Lone Peak 7 into different subcategories to help you decide if this shoe, in particular, is right for you.

Testing the Altra Lone Peak 7’s Versatility on the Trail

The Altra Lone Peak 7 is a true trail running shoe in my opinion. I think it can be used as a hiker for low to moderate technical terrain due to its comfort, moderate traction, and moderate durability.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Boot

But there are better options for more aggressive hikers and even shoes that can be used for both technical trail running and hiking. With that being said it is a great option for the trail runner who wants a hiker for easier walks and comfort over longer distances. 

The Lone Peak 7 model is great for both shorter and longer runs. When out on a longer run, the moderate cushioning comfort of the AltraEgo is apparent. It does a great job providing support but not too much to where you feel low responsiveness.

On the longer runs that I did in this shoe, I never felt like there was a lacking of cushion or comfort. When I grabbed the Lone Peak 7 for a shorter run at faster speeds, the lacing system and responsive feel gave me a good level of confidence.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Toe Box Upper Review

Performing shorter runs at a faster pace, I like a bouncy feel and a snug fit. Both of these were evident when testing the Altra Lone Peak 7. Variable conditions were not the Lone Peak 7’s strong suit. Dry conditions on low to moderate technical terrain are where the shoe excels. But anything technical or wet is where I found issues with the traction. I will talk in detail about traction in the next section. 

Testing the Altra Lone Peak 7’s Traction

Not my favorite quality of the shoe but the Altra Lone Peak 7 does have moderate traction abilities. It served me well on most all of my runs but did fall short when trying to use it as a hiker or on steeper and more technical terrain.

This led me to the conclusion that if you were to run on highly technical terrain, it may fall short. As well, the Lone Peak 7 did not perform well on variable conditions. When on runs and encountering wet surfaces at an angle, such as wet sloping rock, I did not feel confident.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Traction Review

I think Altra could do a better job with their MaxTrac outsole and provide something that has better traction. Especially if they are going to advertise the Lone Peak 7 to be used on all types of terrain.

Testing the Altra Lone Peak 7’s Stability, Durability, and Comfort

The stability of the Altra Lone Peak 7 is fantastic. The lacing system gives a secure, snug, and customizable fit. With the wider toe box and original foot shape of the shoe, I also never found myself feeling like my foot was sliding side to side. This is something that happens to me with narrow soles when I spill over certain models and it is very unstable on technical terrain.

With what I put the Lone Peak 7 through during my testing, I can only conclude that the durability is of a pretty moderate quality. Note, the upper is composed of a quick dry air mesh.

Testing the Altra Lone Peak 7 for Running

If you’re taking this shoe on highly technical terrain repeatedly where you can run into abrasion, then you may notice the material break down at a faster rate. For low to moderate technical terrain I believe this shoe will hold up for a very long time.

In my opinion, the comfort of the Altra Lone Peak 7 is pretty unmatched. This shoe might be the most comfortable and high-performing trail shoe I’ve worn in a long time. I know comfort is highly subjective, but this shoe has a great balance of comfort and responsiveness. Plus, the original foot shape and moderate cushioning are two features that Altra knocked out of the park with this model. 

Altra Lone Peak 7 Sizing

Altra shoes are sized with traditional US sizing and I find the Lone Peak 7 to have a size true to fit. I found the length of this shoe to run fairly true along with this model’s width.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Sizing

The Lone Peak 7 does have a comfortable roomy fit and it is meant for wider-foot runners. If you wear barefoot shoes now or Altra models, I think you can expect ample room throughout this shoe’s toe box.

If you have a very narrow foot you can try to size the shoe more narrowly by opting for the “Regular” fit, but if that’s still wide, you may want to select a different shoe or size down a half-size to see if that helps.

  • Altra Lone Peak 7 Sizing Thoughts: True to size for most.

Altra Lone Peak 7 Sizing and Fit Assessment

If you have additional questions about the Altra Lone Peak 7’s sizing and fit or how they compare to others, drop a comment below and I can help you out.

Price Breakdown

For the Altra Lone Peak 7, you can expect to pay $150.00 USD. This price point is in line with what you can expect from other trail running shoes from bigger brands.

I think if you’re wanting a wider zero-drop shoe for casual to moderate trail use, then the price point can make sense for this shoe. This model definitely strikes me as a good all-in-one style shoe for someone who’s not super specific with their training.

Also, for the comfort and performance of the shoe, I think this is fairly priced, especially if you find other trail running shoes to run too narrow. That being said, for technical terrains, you might want to pass on this shoe to find something more specific.

In addition, if $150 USD is a little too high for you, then I’d highly suggest looking into older Altra Lone Peak models as they’re often regarded as being stronger than the 7 because of their extensive feature lists.

Altra Lone Peak 7


Altra Lone Peak 7 Product Shot

Best For

  • Light Terrain Trail Runs
  • Moderate Terrain Trail Runs
  • Light to Moderate Terrain Hikes
  • Wider Feet

Falls Short

  • For Technical Terrain

Construction Details

Below I have provided what I think are some of the key construction features in regard to how the shoe performs on the trail and whether it is a good fit for you.

  • True to Size
  • Price $150 USD
Altra Lone Peak 7
Altra Long Peak Trail Running Shoe
Heel-to-Toe Drop: 0mm
Stack Height: 25mm
  • Heel-to-Toe-Drop: 0mm
  • Stack Height (Heel/Forefoot): 25mm/25mm
  • Weight: 10.6oz
  • Fit: Wide
  • Cushion: Moderate
  • Upper: Quick Dry Air Mesh 
  • Midsole: AltraEgo
  • Outsole: MaxTrac
  • Rock Plate: Yes
  • Trail Claw Canted Lugs
  • Customizable Lacing System 
  • Gaiter Trap
  • Original Foot Shape

If you have additional construction-related questions about the Altra Lone Peak 7, drop a comment below and I can clarify any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the Altra Lone Peak 7 true to size?

For most, the Altra Lone Peak 7 should fit true to size. This model's length runs fairly true and they have an adequate width through their toe box.

Can you run in Altra Lone Peak?

The Altra Lone Peak 7 can be a good option for light to moderate trail runs. The Lone Peak 7 can also work for casual road runs and runs on turf and track.

Why are Lone Peaks so popular?

The Altra Lone Peak shoe line has gained in popularity due to its comfort, wider toe box construction, and versatility for trail runs and hiking.

Takeaway Thoughts 

The Altra Lone Peak 7 was a great performer in multiple categories, with minimal negatives. I would highly recommend this shoe to any trail runner looking for high levels of comfort and coinciding performance on their run.

This was my first test of any 0mm drop shoe and I find it to be a very natural running feel. I enjoyed this Altra Lone Peak model and I look forward to trying more from the brand, they may have me hooked. 

If you have any questions about the Altra Lone Peak 7, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@will_quillman).

Will Quillman

Will Quillman

Will Quillman is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at The United States Air Force Academy. He works with the NCAA Division I FCS football program and teaches physical education courses, including basic cadet physical development and rock climbing. He holds a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine with an Emphasis in Strength and Conditioning from The University of Colorado Springs (UCCS). He loves outdoor gear and apparel. Training outdoors is one of Will's many passions and devotes hours every single day training for the activities he loves. Will knows that in the backcountry, gear and apparel can make or break a great experience.

2 thoughts on “Altra Lone Peak 7 Review | Good for Wide Feet and Beginners?”

  1. Bought a pair of lone peak 7 size 10. First ever Altras!
    Comfy yes – and about a thumb from big toe to the end of the shoe. However, very snug around the width and am thinking of going for a bigger size (to also then accommodate thicker socks) and also the wide fitting ……………any thoughts?

    1. As long as you’re not having heel slip I don’t think that would be a big deal! With sizing up, it almost comes down to what allows you to perform well/feel comfortable without sacrificing foot security!

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