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On Cloudswift Running Shoe Review | Why This Model’s Durability Falls Short

The On Cloudswift 2.0 running shoes are designed for tackling short and mid-range runs. As I dive deeper into my training for running a sub-5-min mile and squatting and deadlifting 500 lbs all in 24-hours, I’ve been testing more running shoes. After countless YouTube subscribers recommended trying the On Cloudswift running shoes, I finally broke and invested in them.

Across the board, the On Cloudswift running shoes have been a letdown and I’m not impressed with their overall durability and construction. They’re comfortable and an okay option for more casual running, but outside of that, I had a few significant issues with this model which we’ll discuss below.

In this On Cloudsiwft running shoe review, I’m going to break down multiple key details to help you decide if this model is a good fit for you.


Who should buy the On Cloudswift running shoes?

The On Cloudswift running shoes are a good pick for someone who wants this model for longer walks, daily wear, and casual runs ranging from 1-6 miles. This model is comfortable for all-day wear and the CloudTec midsole can be a visually appealing aspect for some runners and active individuals.

That being said, I think this model is a good fit for those looking into this shoe for their appearance and for daily wear. If you’re working on your feet all day and walking a lot in that time, then I think you’ll like this shoe. Outside of those niches, this model is not going to be the best bet for the more serious runners who are constantly training outside.

If you’re more interested in cross-training in a pair of On shoes, then I’d suggest checking out my On Cloud X review.

On Cloudswift


On Cloudswift

Best For

  • Longer Walks
  • Shorter Runs
  • Mid-Range Runs
  • Daily Casual Wear

Falls Short

  • For Long-Term Durability
  • For Cost-Efficiency


On Cloudswift Pros

There are a few key pros that come with the On Cloudswift running shoe for the more casual running and active individual.

  1. Good for Casual In-Door Training
  2. Comfortable Bootie Design
  3. Lightweight and Mobile

The first pro with the On Cloudswift running shoe is that it’s an okay running shoe for the in-door-focused runner and athlete. If you’re an athlete that trains mostly on treadmills in the shorter to mid-range mileage range, then the On Cloudswift will match your performance needs fairly well.

The tread provides a nice grip on in-door tracks and treadmills, and it’s a good introductory shoe for the casual runner that also wants a shoe to wear on a daily basis. If you work retail or are on your feet all day and get in a ton of steps, then you’ll likely enjoy the comfort of this model.

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on cloudswift (1)

On top of being a decent in-door casual running shoe, the On Cloudswift is also a comfortable model for long-term wear. The bootie-style design of this shoe is breathable and form fits the foot really well. The external mid-foot materials provide a nice locked-down feeling without overdoing the overall tightness of the shoe so it doesn’t feel overbearing by any means.

The final pro with this model which feeds into the two pros mentioned above is how lightweight and mobile this model is. The CloudTec midsole moves well with the foot and provides a nice means of navigating the world under our feet without feeling overly stiff. For example, if you’re walking on uneven surfaces, this model fairly moves well with the foot.

The upper mesh construction breathes well and if you’re prone to having hotter feet especially in warmer gym settings, this model should do a fairly good job breathing for you.

on cloudswift midsole

On Cloudswift Cons

Overall, the On Cloudswift have performed well on a casual basis, but I have been pretty let down with their construction and long-term durability.

  1. Long-Term Durability
  2. Not Great for Lateral Work
  3. Fairly Pricey

The first drawback to this model is this shoe’s long-term durability. I’ve noticed that the CloudTec midsole is starting to fray and break down slightly on the toe in my shoe. For this reason, I’m not the biggest fan of this running shoe for longer outdoor sessions especially on hotter surfaces or rocky terrain.

The midsole is pretty exposed on the front portion of the shoe so it can be prone to breaking down due to friction during outdoor wear. In addition, the synthetic upper material at the base of my pinky toe on one of my shoes is already starting to peel off which is frustrating especially for the price of this model.

on cloudswift outsole

Another drawback to think about with the On Cloudswift is that they’re not a great pick for lateral training. If you’re an athlete looking for a model to tackle things like track workouts and you do a lot of lateral work in your training, then you may want to avoid this model. This midsole is not the best for supporting and providing stability during power-focused lateral work.

The lack drawback — which also relates to point one — is the price of this model. For a price of $149.99 USD, I want a shoe to last me a few months, at a minimum. This model’s durability doesn’t match the price and it’s frustrating especially for anyone that finds this price point to already stress their budget slightly.

on cloudswift toe box

It’s also worth noting that if you have more narrow feet, then you can also be prone to material overlap in the toe box of this model. Another frustrating characteristic for the price point.

On Cloudswift Performance

When chatting on performance in the On Cloudswift running shoes, I’m going to discuss how this model does for the prescribed mileage they’re designed for and how they fair for more athletic-focused training (think track workouts).

on cloudswift performance

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On suggests that this model is best for short to mid-range runs. For my training sessions, I used them for multiple types of workouts. First, I tested them for shorter tempo-focused runs which consisted of three total miles. Second, I tested them for 30-45 min steady-state slow engine-building runs.

For tempo runs, I liked this model when training indoors on a treadmill. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this model for faster-paced outdoor running on asphalt and that’s due to the midsole breaking down fairly fast on me. I felt as though as I really dug into my forefoot during these training sessions that’s when the breakdown happened.

Note, for tempo-focused track work or grass running, this model should work fine so you can use them outdoors. I would just suggest being conscious of their durability in regard to the surfaces you’re training on.

on cloudswift running shoes

For my 30-45 min slower engine-building runs, I like this model and found them to be fairly comfortable and easy to wear. The only caveat is that as I started to fatigue and my cadence got a little slower, I found that the CloudTec midsole actually felt like it was slowing me down.

It felt as though the material would compress and slow me down instead of helping me with my forward propulsion. I almost had to try harder to drive into the ground due to the material compressing in a means that slowed my cadence down further.

Running Performance Takeaway: Good for in-door training with sessions ranging between 1-6 miles. This model features a 7mm heel-to-toe drop and removable insole.

Athletic-Focused Training

For my athletic-focused training, I used the On Cloudswift at the track to tackle some track workouts which consisted of faster 200-meter bouts, some basic plyometrics, and agility work.

The Cloudswift provides a nice level of reactivity for basic plyometrics. I like them for things like tuck jumps and pogos but would suggest not using them for things like broad jumps, box jumps, and lateral bounding.

on cloudswift insole

The CloudTec midsole, while reactive, provides little to no stability to ground the foot in these activities.

If you want this model for tackling training in the sagittal plane (moving forwards and backward), then this model will work. I would just say be conscious of the demands you’re placing on the midsole from a ballistic multi-directional standpoint. This model is not designed for that style of training and it’s very apparent.

On Cloudswift Sizing

The On Cloud swift fits true-to-size and I think most will find their length and width work well for their foot. The bootie construction and external layers of the mid-foot lock the foot down well and I never had issues with heel slippage in this model.

on cloudswift sizing

The mesh upper also breaks in fairly fast with a few wears, so if your model does feel a little snug — that should be mitigated after a few runs. The only caveat to this model’s fit is that On models do have a slightly more narrow last and build, so if you have a wider foot, then you may want to avoid this model.


For the On Cloudswift running shoe, you can expect to pay $149.99 USD. Personally, I think this price is high for what this model offers and delivers especially in regard to its long-term durability.

If you’re someone buying this model for their appearance and for daily wear and in-door sessions, then the price could be more justified. However, for my serious outdoor-focused runners, I’d suggest exploring other better budget-friendly options.

On Cloudswift


On Cloudswift

Best For

  • Longer Walks
  • Shorter Runs
  • Mid-Range Runs
  • Daily Casual Wear

Falls Short

  • For Long-Term Durability
  • For Cost-Efficiency


Construction Details

With the On Cloudswift’s construction, the devil’s in the details. Check out some of the key construction details that come along with the On Cloudswift running shoe.

If you’re interested in a visual breakdown of the Cloudswift’s construction, skip to 10:29 in my YouTube video above.

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 7mm
  • Weight:
  • CloudTec® Midsole Made of Helion™ Foam
  • Re-Engineered Speedboard™
  • Recycled Mesh Upper Construction
  • Rubber Outsole Patterning

on cloudswift upper

If you have any additional questions about the On Cloudswift’s construction, feel free to drop comments below.

On Cloudswift FAQs

On YouTube and other On shoe reviews, I’ve received a few questions about the On Cloudswift model. Check out some of the On Cloudswift FAQs that I’ve received before.

1. Do the On Cloudswift fit true to size?

Yes. The On Cloudswift model has a true-to-size length and fit. Like other On models, this model does have a slightly more narrow last, so if you have a wider foot this model may feel tight on you.

2. How long can I run in the On Cloudswift?

On suggests using the Cloudswift for short to mid-range runs. I’ve found this model to be most comfortable when running between 1-6 miles with tempo runs and steady-state engine-building sessions.

3. Can I run outside in the On Cloudswift?

Yes, but durability may be an issue for you. This model works for outdoor running, but the forefoot midsole can be prone to breaking down, so I’d suggest keeping an eye on your shoe’s midsole construction if you train often outdoors.

Takeaway Thoughts

The On Cloudswift running shoe is an okay model for casual wear and running. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and maneuverable which makes it a joy to wear for longer periods of time.

My only real gripe with this shoe is its long-term durability and lacking construction. If you have any questions on this model, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally on Instagram (@jake_boly).

I buy and test the products featured on That Fit Friend using a regimen of training tests that I’ve developed over years of testing training shoes and gear. I may earn commissions on sales made through the links on my site.


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2 thoughts on “On Cloudswift Running Shoe Review | Why This Model’s Durability Falls Short”

  1. Hi! Great review! I am very disappointed in this shoe. I am a short-distance runner who runs like a beginner (on my forefoot), even though I have been running for over 30 years. I like a 10mm heel drop. I thought 7mm would be close enough but the shoe feels completely flat to me, forcing me to run completely differently-in a way that is much more tiring and injury-provoking. My main complaint is that I do find them “cloud like” at all! They feel so uncushioned to me! I own many other brands of running sneakers, all of which are lightweight but much more cushy. I almost wonder if I got a defective pair! I do not understand the hype about these sneakers at all. Also, I teach fitness classes and the bottoms of these shoes completely slip on the hardwood floors during squats and lunges, even though the floor is old (hasn’t been waxed in years).

    1. Thank you, and honestly, I agree with you on many levels. My CloudSwift ripped after a week and I had to get them replaced at my local running store, which was annoying for dropping $150+ on them. I also feel you on the cushioning point — it’s super variable for resonating with it, I feel.

      On that note, I find a lot of the On shoes to be like that, though, super hit or miss with their performance/durability (Cloud 5, X, and X3 are all similar in this context and I have reviews on them). IMO, the consistency of their shoes tends to be a little off and that’s why I always tread lightly with them when it comes to recommending them for long-term durability.

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