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NOBULL Turf Trainer Review | Good Traction On Turf But Lacks Versatility?

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As NOBULL grows in the athletic shoe space, they continues to build training shoes for specific activities. NOBULL now offers training shoes for court sports, outdoor workouts, and turf-focused workouts.

As a fan of a lot of NOBULL shoes, I was excited to get my hands on the NOBULL Turf Trainer and put them to the test. I was most curious to see if their specificity would carry over to other training contexts in a positive or negative way.

For example, I found the Court Trainer, a specifically designed shoe which I use for pickleball, to work well for various training settings. However, while this shoe delivers on turf, its overall performance has been somewhat of a letdown and I’ll discuss that below.

Who Should Invest In the NOBULL Turf Trainer?

The NOBULL Turf Trainer is an interesting training shoe, to say the least. This model excels for turf and grass-focused workouts, which is its primary intention regarding its construction.

I think if you want a training shoe specifically for workouts on those surfaces, then you’ll enjoy the Turf Trainer. Additionally, I could see these training shoes being a good option for the athlete who can’t seem to find the “right” shoe for their turf workouts.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Review

This model has a fairly dense EVA foam midsole, and it features high-carbon rubber outsole lugs that offer a nice aggressive bite on turf and grass. There’s no faulting this shoe’s performance regarding traction on these surfaces.

My issue with the NOBULL Turf Trainer, though, is that its versatility isn’t the best. Unlike the Court Trainer that works for court sports and different types of workouts, the Turf Trainer does not offer the same level of versatility.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Shoe Review

I think if you’re only on turf for small portions of your weekly training, then you’ll want to pass on this model. The lugs on this shoe limit its traction on smooth surfaces like rubber gym floors and wooden platforms.

It’s a cool shoe regarding novelty, but I can’t see it being worth it for most athletes and lifters who are only on turf and grass for short periods. Plus, I don’t find the Trainer+ or Court Trainer — more versatile models — to struggle a ton on turf necessarily.

NOBULL Turf Trainer


NOBULL Turf Trainer Product Shot for Review

Best For

  • Turf Workouts
  • Grass/Outdoor Training

Falls Short

  • For CrossFit
  • For Recreational Lifting
  • For Some Indoor Cross-Training Contexts

NOBULL Turf Trainer Pros

Over the course of my training sessions and review process with the NOBULL Turf Trainer, I’ve found a few things to like and appreciate about this model.

  1. Lugs Deliver Really Good Traction
  2. Long-Term Durability Feels Strong
  3. Easy to Clean After Outdoor Sessions

The first thing to like about the NOBULL Turf Trainer is that it does perform well for its intended purpose. If you’re wanting a shoe solely for turf workouts or for training in the grass, then the Turf Trainer should deliver a strong performance.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Weight Training

 This model features high-carbon rubber outsole lugs that wrap the entirety of the outsole of this shoe. Whether you’re training front to back or laterally, I don’t think you’ll have slip or traction issues with this model on turf and grass.

In that context, I could also see this model being a good shoe for the younger athletes who can’t seem to find a shoe for their track-focused workouts at school that take place primarily on the turf. For this athlete, I could see the Turf Trainer working really well.

NOBULL Turf Trainer for Athletes

This shoe’s fairly dense EVA foam midsole gives it a nice level of “pop,” and it offers decent stability for heavier strength work. If you’re lifting on turf or doing heavier sled work, then this can be a positive feature.

The second thing to like about the NOBULL Turf Trainer is that it’s a pretty durable training shoe. This shoe features NOBULL’s signature SuperFabric upper which tends to fair pretty well for most athletes regarding durability needs.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Outsole Construction

Outside of this shoe’s upper, the rubber outsole extends the midsole and protects it from friction which can be an issue during outdoor workouts when doing multi-directional work like agility training or HIIT workouts.

If you’ve ever owned NOBULL shoes and have felt they’ve delivered good durability, then you can expect the same from the Turf Trainer. This shoe has multiple construction features that are similar to other NOBULL training shoes.

NOBULL Turf Trainer for Turf Workouts

The last thing to like about the NOBULL Turf Trainer is that it’s a pretty easy shoe to clean, which is a nice perk since you’ll likely be using this shoe for outdoor-focused training more than other models.

If you get these dirty in the grass, the midsole is dense and easy to wipe down as it doesn’t absorb water a ton, and the SuperFabric upper is also easy to spot-clean after dirty and muddy workouts.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Midsole Construction

NOBULL Turf Trainer Cons

While the NOBULL Turf Trainer works well for its niche focuses, I did find a few training contexts where this trainer falls short.

  1. Not the Most Versatile Training Shoe
  2. Upper Can Run Pretty Hot

The first drawback that I have with the NOBULL Turf Trainer, which is something I mentioned above, is that this shoe lacks versatility. I don’t think the Turf Trainer will be the cross-training shoes that you can wear for everything.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Strength Workouts

The high-carbon rubber outsole lugs are super dense and aggressive and I found them to limit traction with this shoe when doing bodybuilding and powerlifting-style workouts where I was deadlifting, squatting, and doing machine work.

It almost felt like I was training with a trail running shoe regarding this model’s lugs. If you’ve ever worn a shoe with thicker lugs and found them to be slippery or not as grippy on smooth floors, then you’ll likely experience the same with the Turf Trainer, in my opinion.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Power Cleans

For this reason, I find it tough to recommend the NOBULL Turf Tainer for most lifters and athletes. I think there will be a small subset of athletes that will enjoy this shoe, but it’s not going to be a model for everyone despite its alluring niche training focus.

Another drawback to keep in mind with the NOBULL Tuf Trainer is that it can run pretty hot regarding its upper construction. Like most NOBULL shoes, this model’s SuperFabric is pretty dense and not the most breathable.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Upper Construction

If you wear thick socks with this shoe or use them for hot outdoor sessions, then expect your feet to feel pretty warm. This is pretty stereotypical with the SuperFabric material, though. Where it makes up for durability, it loses out regarding breathability.


Regarding the performance of the NOBULL Turf Trainer, I’ll cover how these shoes perform in a variety of training settings. I’ve tested these shoes extensively for lifting, CrossFit, versatile training, short runs, and daily wear.

This way, if you’re on the fence between this model or other pairs of training shoes you can cross-reference which shoe’s performance fits your needs best.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Performance Breakdown

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Lifting and CrossFit

For the context of lifting, I’m not the biggest fan of the NOBULL Turf Trainer. It’s a bummer because this shoe’s midsole is built similarly to the NOBULL Trainer+ so it has a nice level of stability, and it’s not the stability that I have an issue with.

My issue with the NOBULL Turf Trainer for lifting is its traction on rubber gym floors, wooden platforms, and machines. This model’s lugs can limit the surface area on these shoes in which you ground your feet which can cause slip issues when lifting.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Squats
Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Squats

I noticed this when leg pressing and I noticed that my feet would slide a little bit in-between squat reps. That being said, these are non-issues if you’re planning to do your lifting on turf or grass.

For example, I took these through a trap bar deadlift day on turf, where I was doing a lot of accessories, and they performed well. The stable midsole and outsole traction work well in the context of lifting if (emphasis on the IF) you’re using these on turf or grass.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for CrossFit
Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Rope Climbs and CrossFit

For CrossFit, similarly, I wasn’t the biggest fan of these shoes due to their grip. If you’re wanting a NOBULL shoe for CrossFit and some turf work, I’d suggest looking into the Trainer+ because that model has a decent grip and is more versatile.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Versatile Training

For versatile training, I’m hit or miss on the NOBULL Turf Trainer. To be honest, I want to like this shoe as an overall versatile training shoe, but unfortunately or fortunately depending on your needs, its versatility is pretty limited and focused.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Versatile Training
Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Versatile Training

When I first saw this shoe I was super excited because my mind when straight to the heavy sled pushes that many run into during HYROX races. I get asked all of the time about training shoes for this performance need for HYROX-focused athletes.

From a pure grip point of view, the Turf Trainer does great on turf and they crushed heavier sled pushes. My issue with this model, though, which I’ve referenced many times above is its grip on flat surfaces that don’t have anything to bite.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Sled Pushes
Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Sled Pushes

For this reason, it’s not a great trainer for HYROX, which I thought was unfortunate because it has elements that you want in this style of shoe like durability and moderate stability.

If you want a training shoe for HYROX, then I’d suggest exploring models like the Inov-8 F-Lite 245 or Reebok Nano X2 Adventure. Other than that, I like the Turf Trainer for versatile training on, you guessed it, turf. It grips really well and gives you a “planted” feeling.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for HIIT Workouts

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Short Runs and Daily Wear

When it comes to short runs, I think the Turf Trainer can be an okay model for tackling runs that range from 1-2 miles. I think if you’re running longer than two miles, then you’ll want to explore models that will be more comfortable.

To add to the above, I think this shoe can also work for short interval runs and pick-ups if you’re adding them into a track or full body workout. Note, you’ll want to keep your running in the Turf Trainer limited to grass or turf to prevent slippage issues.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer for Daily Wear and Walking

In the context of daily wear, I’m not the biggest fan of the NOBULL Turf Trainer, and for context, I regularly wear my NOBULL High-Top Trainers due to their appearance and ease of cleaning.

The reason I don’t like the NOBULL Turf Trainer for daily wear is due to the consistent issue that I have with this model and that’s its traction on smoother surfaces. This model feels similar to using a more aggressive lugged trail running shoe for walking on concrete.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Sizing

For the NOBULL Turf Trainer, most lifters and athletes should be safe going true to size in this model. This model’s length fits true and they have a neutral width.

If you currently wear NOBULL shoes, then I’d suggest opting for the same size. More specifically, if you own the NOBULL Trainer+, then you’ll want to size this model the same as seems to have a nearly identical last construction.

Testing the NOBULL Turf Trainer Sizing and Fit

For notably wide feet, you may want to pass on this shoe. I’m not convinced you’ll have enough width in the forefoot of this model, and its thicker upper isn’t going to stretch a ton when breaking them in.

  • NOBULL Turf Trainer Sizing Thoughts: Most should be safe going true to size.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Sizing and Fit

This model does have a thin foam removable insole and if you use custom orthotics, then you should be okay with this model. There’s an okay amount of upper volume in this shoe, especially for thinner custom inserts and orthotics.

If you have additional sizing and fit questions about the NOBULL Turf Trainer, drop a comment below and I can help you size these accordingly.

Price Breakdown

For the NOBULL Turf Trainer, you can expect to pay between $139-$149 USD depending on the colorway that you go with. This price point is similar to what you can expect to pay with the NOBULL Trainer+ and Court Trainer.

For athletes who are primarily wanting a shoe reserved for turf and outdoor workouts, then this price can make sense, especially if you’re fed up with your current shoes and their traction.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Outsole Traction

That being said, unless you’re that super-specific lifter and athlete above with turf or grass training asks, I don’t think these shoes will be worth the investment. These are not specific training shoes that you can get away with wearing in multiple settings.

Don’t get me wrong, I love finding niche shoes, but for their price, I don’t think these will be a good fit for most athletes and lifters on the lookout for a training shoe that they can wear for barbell workouts, CrossFit WODs, and turf training.

Note, I went with the $149 USD colorway and I’m pretty regretful of my purchase and wish I went for one of the cheaper colorways.

Construction Details

There are a lot of similarities that exist between the NOBULL Turf Trainer and other NOBULL training shoes with a couple of differences. Below are some of the key construction details to know about the Turf Trainer.

NOBULL Turf Trainer Insole

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm
  • Weight: 10.45 oz (for my size 10 model)
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • High-Carbon Rubber Outsole Lugs
  • Full Rubber Outsole
  • SuperFabric Upper
  • EVA Midsole
  • Reflective NOBULL Branding
  • 5 Core Eyelets

If you have additional construction-related questions about the NOBULL Turf Trainer, drop a comment below.

Takeaway Thoughts

Overall, I thought the NOBULL Turf Trainer was just an “okay” training shoe. It delivers on its niche focus, but it lacks the versatility that I think most lifters and athletes want out of their training shoes.

If you’re in need of a shoe primarily for turf and grass-focused training, then I do think you’ll enjoy the NOBULL Turf Trainer. However, its performance is pretty much limited to those two settings.

Before you invest in the NOBULL Turf Trainer, I think it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting and to make sure this model suits your training needs well.

If you have additional questions on the NOBULL Turf Trainer, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@jake_boly or @that_fit_friend).

Jake Boly, CSCS, MS Sports Science

Jake Boly, CSCS, MS Sports Science

Jake Boly is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of That Fit Friend. He's often regarded to as a go-to resource in various performance shoe communities. He’s been formally reviewing shoes and training gear for over 7 years and has hand-tested over 400 pairs of shoes. Jake is known on the internet and YouTube for blending his review process with his educational, strength sports, and personal training background.

Jake has a Masters in Sports Science, a Bachelors in Exercise Science, a CSCS, and he's been personal training for over 10 years helping hundreds of clients get stronger, lose weight, and accomplish their goals. He uses his exercise science brain and personal training background to make curated and thoughtful review content on the fitness gear he's testing.

2 thoughts on “NOBULL Turf Trainer Review | Good Traction On Turf But Lacks Versatility?”

  1. I referee High School and Middle School soccer games. Many fields have gone to turf while a few have remained grass. I am looking for something that would work well on these surfaces. I am 62 yrs old so am not up on the latest and greatest. Don’t mind spending this kind of money but definitely want a good return on the investment. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This model would work well for that use case and they’ll be solid in grass/should last a while. They’re not going to be your best shoe for training in the gym and daily wear, but I think if you’re just using them for reffing, then you’ll get a nice long life out of them and their lugs should give you a nice grip!

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