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UA Project Rock 3 vs 2 vs BSR | Best Project Rock Training Shoes

The Under Armour Project Rock model line is widely popular amongst athletes and recreational lifters. I get asked a lot of questions on my Project Rock shoe reviews, but by far the most popular is asking for comparisons amongst the models.

The Project Rock 3 is vastly different from the Project Rock 2, and the latest Project Rock BSR model is very different from the core training shoe line. Which is Project Rock training shoe best for your needs and goals? That’s what we’ll be covering in this article.

I’ve reviewed a couple of these models individually before on this site, so make sure you check out my individual reviews if you’re leaning towards one pair of Project Rock shoes over another!

Best Project Rock Shoes for Lifting

All three of the latest Project Rock shoes will be equally good for lifting. They all feature an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, UA’s signature TriBase outsole construction, and decently stable midsoles.

So, they each have construction aspects that bleed fairly well into recreational training. Are any of the Project Rock shoes going to be the best for stability and maximal lifting? Not necessarily, but I’ve trained up to 455 lbs in each model and they all did fairly good at supporting my performance.

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Best UA Project Rock Shoes for Lifting

1. UA Project Rock BSR

I’m selecting the Project Rock BSR as my top pick because when every shoe’s performance is equal, the more budget-friendly option takes the edge, in my opinion.


If you’re exclusively looking at these models for recreational lifting, then I’d say opt for the BSR. You’ll have some money and you’ll get a similar level of stability and versatility with this model.

Why I Like the UA Project Rock BSR for Lifting

2. UA Project Rock 2

My second pick for lifting is the Project Rock 2. Between the UA Project Rock 3 and 2, I prefer the 2 and its construction. More specifically, I like how the Project Rock 2 fits better.

The Project Rock 2 features a similar midsole and outsole construction to the Project Rock 3, but doesn’t have the heel cusion that pushes the foot forward. Personally, I think this model feels more “natural” when lifting.

Why I Like the UA Project Rock 2 for Lifting

3. UA Project Rock 3

The Project Rock 3 works for lifting, don’t get me wrong. However, I’m just not a fan of this model’s heel construction. I think UA’s minds were in the right place with the reworking of this model’s construction, but from an execution standpoint the changes fell short.

The one positive to this model that I do really enjoy is the upper construction and how maneuverable the knit material is. I think out of the three models, the Project Rock 3 has the best upper build.

Why I Like the UA Project Rock 3 for Lifting

Best Project Rock Shoes for HIIT Workouts

When it comes to HIIT workouts, each Project Rock shoe has its own respective area where it excels. Across the board, I think each model is fairly comparable, but the HOVR midsole construction in the Project Rock 2 and 3 do give them a subtle edge over the Project Rock BSR.

Best UA Project Rock Shoes for HIIT Workouts

1. UA Project Rock 3

For HIIT training, I like the Project Rock 3 a lot. Outside of the sizing issue, I think this model is built to handle this style of training very well. It has additional heel cushioning for added bootie stability and the knit upper is super comfortable.


On top of these aspects, I think the HOVR midsole does a good job at providing a stable yet responsive shoe for bounding and ballistic style training.

Why I Like the UA Project Rock 3 for HIIT Workouts

2. UA Project Rock 2

The Project Rock 2 is a close runner-up to the Project Rock 3 for HIIT workouts. This model is very similar to the Project Rock 3 in regard to how its midsole and outsole performs.

The main difference and reason it’s my number two pick is the bootie construction. In this model, the bootie construction is “okay” and the heel could be a bit more supporitve, in my opinion.

Why I Like the UA Project Rock 3 for HIIT Workouts

3. UA Project Rock BSR

The Project Rock BSR is pretty solid for HIIT workouts. I think the Charged midsole construction could be a bit more responsive, but for the money, it does a really good job at holding its own against the Project Rock 3 and 2.

If you’re on the market for a budget-friendly model for tackling HIIT workouts, then the BSR is going to be your best bet. Plus, I think some will like the slightly thicker upper bootie construction for HIIT workouts in this model.

Why I Like the UA Project Rock BSR for HIIT Workouts

Best Project Rock Shoes for the Money

Before this year, the Project Rock shoe line was far from budget-friendly. The Project Rock 2 and 3 are both sitting around $140 USD, which puts them at a fairly high price point compared to other training shoes on the market.

Luckily though, the Project Rock BSR was brought to market solely for the reason of providing Project Rock fans with a budget-friendly model. This model comes in at a price of $100 USD, which is a considerable difference from the core Project Rock shoe line.

  1. Shop the: UA PROJECT ROCK BSR (UA $100)
  2. Shop the: UA Project Rock 2 (UA $140)
  3. Shop the: UA Project Rock 3 (UA $140)

Can You Really Go Wrong?

Overall, I think the UA Project Rock shoe line continues to evolve and level up. All three of the models featured in this article are fairly solid across the board for the recreational lifter and athlete.

The UA Project Rock shoes are not going to be the number one option for stability, however, if you want a day-to-day trainer to wear that can support a variety of workouts, then the Project Rock 2, 3, and BSR are all fairly solid.


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