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Ten Thousand Gear Reviews

Ten Thousand continues to grow and become one of the better-known men’s high-performance apparel brands. They make a variety of men’s training apparel including shorts, pants, t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, and more.

I’ve worn Ten Thousand gear for the last few years and have tested nearly all of their products. If you’re debating on investing in Ten Thousand gear, then you’ve landed on the right page.

I’ll help you decide which gear will suit your performance needs best and which pieces are worth the money (along with which pieces should be skipped!).

Ten Thousand Shorts Reviews

Over the last three years, I’ve worn literally every single pair of Ten Thousand Shorts. If you’re interested in learning more about Ten Thousand’s three core shorts, the Session, Interval, and Foundation, or the two Pro-Line shorts the Set and Tactical, then I have you covered.

Below, you’ll find detailed Ten Thousand Shorts reviews WITH VIDEOS because, after all, you need to see how they fit and perform! You’ll find details on:

  • Ten Thousand Shorts Sizing
  • Ten Thousand Shorts Performance
  • Who Should Invest In Which Pair
  • Ten Thousand Shorts Quality and Durability

Ten Thousand Hoodie Reviews

Have your eyes on a Ten Thousand hoodie, pullover, or full-zip? Below, I’ve built out countless Ten Thousand Hoodie reviews to help you decide which model is best for your needs and wants.

Ten Thousand hoodies are not the most cost-efficient on the market, but for specific wear-focused purposes, they have their lists of pros and cons. Below, I’ve broken down every hoodie to assess their performance, durability, quality, and much more.

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