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Dr. Tyler Kallasy, PT, DPT, CSCS, PPSC​

Tyler and That Fit Friend’s Connection: Tyler helps review exercise and science-driven content. He also helps review/verify strength sports-related shoe content.

Dr. Tyler Kallasy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has been trained in the concepts of functional movement therapy, pain-free training systems, and optimizing fitness and performance around the common presence of pain, dysfunction, and injuries.

Dr. Tyler is also an instructor of the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification, where he teaches an integrated prevention-based system for fitness and clinical professionals. Dr. Tyler has helped hundreds of patients and clients around the world get past chronic pain and limitations in order to regain movement freedom, confidence, and the ability to take on life without limitation.

He does so using a proven system that combines evidence-based clinical techniques and time-tested strength and conditioning principles into a comprehensive program focused on learning, growing, and healing.

Using in-depth movement assessments, Dr. Tyler is able to better understand an individual’s unique ergonomic and performance needs. He then uses this objective and subjective data to effectively recommend specific equipment, movement patterns, training regimens, and lifestyle modifications that will enhance performance while minimizing the potential for pain and dysfunction.

Specificity is important in the world of training shoes, where there is virtually unlimited variability in style and structure. Dr. Tyler is able to match an individual with a specific training shoe by combining his understanding of foot and ankle mechanics, with his understanding of shoe design and ergonomics.

Dr. Tyler Kallasy