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Salomon Ultra Glide Review | Great for Short and Long Distance Trail Runs?

The Salomon Ultra Glide is a shoe designed for tackling trail runs of all distances. This model delivers a fairly thick midsole with a lot of proprietary Salomon construction features. If you’re looking for a trail running shoe that walks a good line between being stable yet plush, then the Salmon Ultra Glide is definitely worth looking into.

Over the course of my testing, I’ve really enjoyed this model for tackling trail runs on light to moderate technical difficulty trails in dry settings. In this context, these shoes have been phenomenal and strong performers. There are a couple of areas and settings though where the Ultra Glide falls short which I’ll discuss below.

In this Salomon Ultra Glide review, I’m going to discuss all of the key details that you need to know about this shoe before you invest.

salomon ultra glide review

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Who Should Invest In the Salomon Ultra Glide?

The Salomon Ultra Glide delivers a strong performance on light to moderate trails in dryer settings. This shoe features a variety of proprietary Salomon construction details and I think most recreational and regular trail runners will enjoy this model. This shoe features a fairly plush midsole which makes this shoe a comfortable choice for both runs and hikes.

If you like trail running shoes that feature thicker midsoles with an adequate cushion but not so plush to where you lose stability and energy return, then the Ultra Glide should align well with your trail running shoe preferences.

The lugs on this model are not super deep so they do fall a bit short on steep inclines and declines with loose terrain, but they do provide enough traction if you’re regularly hitting dirt and trails with some light gravel. Whether you’re a beginner or a regular on the trails, then I think you’ll enjoy this shoe and what it offers.

Salomon Ultra Glide


salomon ultra glide

Best For

  • Light and Moderate Technical Trails
  • Short and Mid-Range Trail Runs
  • Dirt Based Trail Runs

Falls Short

  • For Long-Term Durability
  • For Wet conditions
  • For Road and Pavement Running


Salomon Ultra Glide Pros

There are multiple aspects to like about the Salomon Ultra Glide. Below are my three favorite performance-focused pros that come along with this trail running shoe.

  1. Energy Surge Midsole Provides Nice Energy Return
  2. Quicklace System Provides a Snug Full Foot Fit
  3. Contragrip Outsole Does Well On Light and Moderate Technical Terrains

The first pro with the Salomon Ultra Glide is the Energy Surge midsole used in this model. Of all Salomon’s trail running shoes, this model is intended to provide runners with a bit more cushion for their running endeavors. While the midsole is thick in this model, it’s not overly plush where you feel unstable on different trails and terrains.

salomon ultra glide energy surge midsole

I think the Energy Surge midsole walks a good line between giving you a nice cushioned ride while also remaining relatively stable to provide adequate energy return. I noticed this shoe’s midsole most when tackling dryer trails where I was focusing on doing pick-ups and training in Zone 2 and Zone 3. I never felt like this shoe was slowing me down or taking away from my power output.

Another perk of this model is Salomon’s Quicklace System. If you’ve never used their Quicklace System, then I think you’re going to fall in love with it relatively quickly. This system is easy to use and it provides a nice snug and even security throughout the entire midfoot. Plus, it’s easy to clean so if you’re tackling trails with mud this shoe’s lacing system shouldn’t be an issue.

When you mix the Quicklace System with the SensiFit construction in this model, you get a really nice formfitting shoe. These shoes do take a minute to break in like most trail running shoes, but they never felt unbearable or too stiff and I credit the lacing system and SensiFi construction for this.

salomon ultra glide quicklace system

The last thing to like about the Salomon Ultra Glide is the Contragrip outsole. This outsole features 3.5mm lugs and if you’re tackling trails with dirt, gravel, and a bit of mud, then you should find that this outsole provides plenty of traction. I haven’t had many traction-related issues while running my local trails around Denver, Colorado.

The only times that the Contragrip outsole has let me down is on snowy and wet terrains, which I’ll discuss more in-depth below in the cons section.

Salomon Ultra Glide Cons

The performance as a whole of the Salomon Ultra Glide trail running is strong, but there are a couple of areas where this shoe does fall short.

  1. Not Great for Wet Terrain and Humid Settings
  2. Outsole Lugs Wear Down Fairly Quickly

The first drawback to the Ultra Glide is its performance on wet terrain and in humid settings. The sockliner in this shoe is thin and has a light adhesive keeping it in place. This is problematic because when it gets wet it starts sliding around due to the adhesive losing its initial stickiness and since the liner is thin it tends to bunch up a bit on decline and incline running surfaces.

salomon ultra glide for wet terrain

My sockliner started loosening up on a run I did with light snow.

Additionally, while I like the upper and how breathable it is, this shoe is definitely not my first pick for running on wet terrains. I took these out for a run on a lightly snow-covered trail and I misstepped at one point and submerged my toe box on my right shoe into some snow they absorbed the water rather quickly which left me with a wet sock.

Granted, the misstep is on me, but still, it took little to no exposure to leave me with a wet and cold foot. A little more water resistance would have been nice around the upper in the toe box.

salomon ultra glide outsole

Another drawback to this shoe is that the lugs can wear down pretty quickly if you’re using these on any pavement or trails where rocky surfaces can create more friction and abrasion. This is pretty normal for trail running shoes that offer slightly stiffer outsoles with thinner lugs.

That being said, I would suggest trying to limit how much you’re using the Ultra Glide in these settings if you want their outsoles and lugs to go the distance.


To discuss the performance of Salomon Ultra Glide, I’m going to talk about how this shoe performs in certain settings to help you contextualize if this trail running shoe is a good fit for your needs and wants.

salomon ultra glide trail performance

Salomon Ultra Glide for Light Trail Runs and Road Runs

The Salomon Ultra Glide performs really well for light trails. Basically, if you’re regularly hitting trails that are primarily dirt, gravel, and mulch, then you’ll enjoy this shoe’s traction and performance. On these surfaces, the lugs in the shoe do a great job and the midsole accommodates energy return well even on softer surfaces.

For road runs, I’d say pass on making this your trail running and road running hybrid shoe. The lugs can wear down pretty quickly in this shoe so I’d suggest hedging your bets and limiting their use for pavement. If you’re tackling trails that have a bit of pavement throughout, then you’re likely fine in this shoe, but again, I always air on the side of caution in this context.

salomon ultra glide for easy trail runs

Salomon Ultra Glide for Semi-Technical and Difficult Terrain

For semi-difficult terrain, the Ultra Glide can be a bit hit or miss and this is due to the vast differences in how many classify semi-technical terrains. In dry settings, these shoes should be plenty fine tackling semi-technical terrain. Plus, I think if you’re an experienced trail runner then you’ll also like this shoe’s performance.

The midsole and outsole do a good job at maneuvering over rocks and other obstacles you’ll hit during your runs. I like that this shoe didn’t beat up my feet when running fast and misreading rockier terrain. This shoe also performed well in settings where you’re hitting mud here and there. The outsole didn’t have any clumping with mud which I like and I think that’s due to the lug patterning.

salomon ultra glide for technical terrain

On difficult terrain, I think if you’re a weathered trail runner then this model will work. However, if you’re relatively newer to trail running and need a bit more traction out of your outsole, then you’ll likely want a shoe that provides thicker and deeper lugs. When I was tackling steeper inclines and declines with loose and larger rocks I noticed this shoe slipping a bit.

Salomon Ultra Glide for Walking, Hiking, and Daily Wear

Another area where I think the Ultra Glide performs well is for hikes and long walks on trails. This shoe’s Energy Surge midsole provides you with a nice ride and these are a good model for slipping on and off quickly due to their Quicklace system. For my warmer weather hikes where I’m bringing the dogs, I find myself reaching for this model often.

salomon ultra glide for hikes

On a daily wear basis, I’d say skip on rocking this model a ton. You’ll get more out of this shoe’s outsole durability if you make an active effort to not rock them in daily wear settings where you’re walking a ton on asphalt.

Salomon Ultra Glide Sizing

The Salomon Ultra Glide should fit true-to-size for most individuals. This model is marketed as having a standard width. If you have a narrow and neutral foot width, then I think you’ll enjoy the way this shoe fits.

If you have a wider foot and often have to opt for wide trail running shoes, then you may feel a tad limited in this shoe’s toe box.

  • Salomon Ultra Glide Sizing Thoughts: Go true-to-size for this model.

salomon ultra glide sizing and fit

If you have additional questions on the Salomon Ultra Glide’s fit and sizing, drop a comment below and I can try to help you make the best call for your needs.


For the Salomon Ultra Glide, you can expect to pay $140 USD. Personally, I think the price point is pretty fair for what this trail running shoe offers and delivers.

Plus, I think if you limit this shoe’s use to primarily dry trail runs and hikes, then you’ll get your money’s worth with this model. It’s comfortable, good for a variety of distances, and has a lot of nice Salomon-focused construction traits.

Salomon Ultra Glide


salomon ultra glide

Best For

  • Light and Moderate Technical Trails
  • Short and Mid-Range Trail Runs
  • Dirt Based Trail Runs

Falls Short

  • For Long-Term Durability
  • For Wet conditions
  • For Road and Pavement Running


Construction Details

There are a lot of nice construction features in the Salomon Ultra Glide. In this model, it seems that Salomon has pulled out all of the stops to try and build a comfortable trail running shoe with a variety of features.

Below are the biggest construction callouts for the Ultra Glide that play a role in this shoe’s performance.

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 6mm
  • Weight: 10.85 oz (for my size 10 model)
  • Removable Insole: Technically, no, but you can easily take them out due to lacking adhesive.
  • Quicklace System
  • Contragrip Outsole With 3.5mm Lugs
  • SensiFit Mold
  • Energy Surge Midsole
  • Reverse Camber Construction
  • Profeel Film
  • Mesh Upper Construction

If you have additional questions on the Salomon Ultra Glide’s construction and how they play into this shoe’s performance, drop a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the Salomon Ultra Glide good for road runs?

You can use the Ultra Glide for road running, however, I'd suggest skipping on doing so if you want this shoe to last longer. The lugs can be prone to wearing down quickly on pavement, so I'd suggest keeping these for trail running specifically.

Is the Salomon Ultra Glide good for hikes?

The Salomon Ultra Glide is a good trail running shoe that can also work well as a good hiking shoe. The mesh upper breathes well, the Energy Surge midsole is comfortable and supportive, and the Quicklace system is awesome for ease of use.

Takeaway Thoughts

As a whole, I like the Salomon Ultra Glide for trail runs and longer hikes. I constantly find myself reaching for this model when I know I’m tackling dirt trails or I’m taking the dogs out for a longer and more casual hike.

These shoes perform exceptionally in dry settings and can stand up to most distances thrown at them. If you’re in wet training settings often, then these will likely not be the best trail running shoes for you.

If you have additional questions on the Salomon Ultra Glide, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@jake_boly).

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  1. Hi,
    I have just tried a pair of Womens ultra glide size 10’s. I can feel them slightly from roughly the ball of the foot across to the little toe. I’m just wondering if these will stretch a little not to notice or if you can tell me if a mens shoe would be better to try? I’m guessing the mens might be slightly too wide?? I also feel they could have ever so slightly more arch support would you recommend trialing another innersole. I tried one and it was too much but wondering whether I should try a few more?

    1. Hey, I haven’t so I can’t speak that specifically! I’m not sure if these run unisex or if Salomon has a women’s/men’s last for this model, on that note. I wouldn’t stress the men’s running too wide, tbh, and that could be the play if you’re feeling rub in the women’s because if the men’s has more width it may eliminate that! If your current pair is uncomfortable, I’d return them and go with a diff model/try the men’s. No point in trying to hit a square peg in a round hole when there are a ton of options on the market that could fit your anatomy better!

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