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TYR CXT-1 Trainer


The TYR CXT-1 Trainer excels as a versatile training shoe, ideal for CrossFit and lifting enthusiasts who prioritize a stable and responsive platform. Its higher heel-to-toe drop is particularly beneficial for those who prefer additional lift and support during intense workouts. Designed to strike a perfect balance between responsiveness and stability, it’s suitable for the dynamic movements of CrossFit while providing a solid base for heavy lifting.


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What I Like About the CXT-1 Trainer…

  • Well-Rounded Performance
  • Ankle and Arch Support
  • High Drop May Work for Some


What I Don’t Like About the CXT-1 Trainer…

  • Toe Box Can Be Narrow for Some
  • High Drop Isn’t for Everyone
  • Durability for Rope Climbs

Product Summary and Features

The TYR CXT-1 Trainer is a notable addition to the cross-training shoe market, featuring a unique patent-pending stability platform and a significant heel-to-toe drop of 9mm, which is particularly appealing to athletes who prefer a lifting-oriented training shoe. This shoe offers an impressive balance of stability and responsiveness, making it well-suited for both heavy lifting and CrossFit workouts. Its higher heel-to-toe drop, however, may not resonate with those who favor minimalist-style training shoes.

Despite some durability concerns during rope climbs, the CXT-1 Trainer performs admirably in a variety of training environments. Overall, this shoe stands as a versatile and robust option for athletes and lifters seeking enhanced stability and a higher heel-to-toe drop for their lifting and CrossFit routines.

  • Patent Pending Stability Platform
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Full Rubber Outsole
  • Midfoot and Heel Wrap
  • Toe Bumper
  • Surge NRG Foam Midsole
  • Anatomical Toe Box
  • Read my TYR CXT-1 Trainer Review

TYR’s Return Policy: You can return and exchange items within 30 days of purchasing them. Learn more here.

Testing the TYR CXT-1 Trainer for Squatting

TYR CXT-1 Trainer Specs

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 9mm
  • Weight: 12.65 oz (for my size 10 model)
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • Colors: 5 men/5 women
  • Sizing: True to size for most


Lifting Tests

    • Max Squat: 415 lbs. The Surge NRG foam midsole was stable enough for my 400+ lb squats.
    • Max Deadlift: 535 lbs. This shoe is stable for heavy deadlifts but the higher heel-to-toe drop can pitch you forward a bit in this model.
    • Max Lunge: 245 lb walking lunge. Good stability and the sole is flexible enough to articulate well for single-leg training.
    • Max Leg Press: 590 lbs. The outsole gripped the machine well and the upper locks the feet down well.
    • TF2 Lifting Rating: 4.6/5

Versatility Tests

    • HIIT Workouts: Full-body circuits. This shoe works well for athletic sessions and if you like a little arch support and a higher heel then you’ll resonate with this model’s performance.
    • CrossFit WODs: Fran, Cindy, and more. This can be a great option for CrossFit athletes who prefer more “heel” when training. Keep an eye on this shoe’s midfoot durability when rope climbing, though.
    • Running Tests: Sprints and 1.5 mile run. For sprints, this shoe’s flexibility does a pretty good job and it’s relatively lightweight. For my 1.5-mile runs, this shoe is pretty good but it can feel dense for some.
    • TF2 Versatility Rating: 4.5/5


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