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Tolos Archetype 2.0


Venture into the realm of minimalist footwear with the Tolos Archetype 2.0, a shoe that seamlessly blends gym performance with everyday utility. This latest iteration addresses the shortcomings of its predecessor, offering an updated bootie and toe box for enhanced comfort and a better overall fit. Overall, the Tolos Archetype 2.0 presents itself as a solid barefoot shoe option, striking a balance between workout functionality and casual wearability.


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What I Like About the Archetype 2.0…

  • Stable for Lifting
  • Wide(r) Toe Box
  • Great for Daily Wear


What I Don’t Like About the Archetype 2.0…

  • Lacks Breathability
  • Limited for High-Volume Feet
  • Not Great for Long Runs

Product Summary and Features

The Tolos Archetype 2.0 emerges as a standout barefoot shoe, adept at both gym workouts and casual wear, thanks to its dual-functionality design. It features minimalist branding, lending a sleek and stylish look that pairs well with a variety of outfits. This model boasts improved comfort with its reworked bootie and toe box, making it more comfortable than its predecessor, the Archetype 1.0.

However, the shoe might be snug for those with high-volume feet, and the upper lacks breathability, which could be a concern in hot conditions or intense workouts. Overall, the Archetype 2.0 is an excellent choice for those seeking a barefoot shoe that blends performance, comfort, and style.

  • Polymesh Upper
  • Rubber Outsole
  • 3.5mm Thick Tread
  • 3/4 Polymesh Sock Bootie
  • Internal TPU Reinforcement
  • 5 Core Eyelets
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Tolos’ Return Policy: You can return and exchange items within 30 days of purchasing them. Learn more here.

Tolos Archetype 2.0 Specs

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 0mm
  • Weight: 8.7 oz (size 10 men’s)
  • Stack Height: 5.5mm
  • Removable Insole: No (comes with additional insole)
  • Colors: 4 men/4 women

Tolos Archetype 2.0 for Deadlifts

Lifting Tests

    • Max Squat: 405 lbs. This shoe gives you a nice level of ground feel when squatting and it’s wide for toe splay.
    • Max Deadlift: 570 lbs. The wide toe box, outsole grip, and low stack height are great for big deadlifts.
    • Max Lunge: 225 lb walking lunge. Good sole flexibility and outsole traction for single-leg exercises.
    • Max Leg Press: 540 lbs. This shoe works well on machines and should provide a nice level of grip and feedback.
    • TF2 Lifting Rating: 4.8/5

Versatility Tests

    • HIIT Workouts: Full-body circuits. This shoe has an athletic and sock-like fit and articulates well for HIIT. I like to use this shoe for my athletic sessions where I’m doing a little bit of everything.
    • CrossFit WODs: Fran, Cindy, and more. This model can work for CrossFit, but I’d keep an eye on overall durability if you’re using them for high-abrasion WODs.
    • Running Tests: Sprints and 1.5 mile run. For sprints, I like the flexibility of this shoe’s sole. For my 1.5 mile runs, I wish this model had better breathability, but they can work.
    • TF2 Versatility Rating: 4.5/5


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