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Nike Metcon 9


The Nike Metcon 9 is a cross-training shoe built to promote stability and versatility in the gym. This Metcon iteration features multiple updates compared to its predecessor the Nike Metcon 8. Most lifters and athletes use the Metcon 9 for lifting, CrossFit, and versatile training sessions.

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What I Like About the Metcon 9…

  • Stable for Lifting
  • Wide(r) Toe Box
  • Decent Durability


What I Don’t Like About the Metcon 9…

  • Not Great for Running
  • Lacks Versatility
  • Upper Can Run Hot

Product Summary and Features

The Nike Metcon 9 has taken an interesting turn in its progression. For lifting, this shoe’s midsole and TPU plate provide a nice level of stability for big deadlifts, squats, and leg days. In the context of CrossFit, the dual-density midsole and upper have proven to be strong performers for versatility and durability.

The wider toe box is also a welcomed change for lifters and athletes who have longed for more width in their Metcons. To date, this has been the widest Nike Metcon and they accommodate a wide range of foot anatomies.

  • HyperLift plate built into the heel for additional stability while lifting
  • Lace lock system for lace and tongue security
  • Extended rubber wraps on the medial and lateral sides for rope climbing support
  • Lightweight, layered, and breathable mesh to promote upper durability
  • Dual-density foam in the midsole for promoting stability and versatility
  • Full rubber outsole for traction while training on different floors
  • Textile haptic overlays over the toe box for additional durability
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Me Testing the Nike Metcon 9 Sizing

Metcon 9 Specs

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm
  • Weight: 12.7 oz (size 10 men’s)
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • Colors: 11 men/12 women

Lifting Tests

  • Max Squat: 415 lbs. This shoe felt good for this test and the midsole only minimally compressed in the forefoot.
  • Max Deadlift: 550 lbs. The wider toe box is a nice perk of this shoe for heavy deadlifts and RDLs.
  • Max Lunge: 275 lb walking lunge. Decent stability, but I didn’t love how the midfoot felt like it collapsed for this heavy unilateral ask.
  • Max Leg Press: 540 lbs. The outsole gripped the machine well and these shoes felt good when driving through the leg press platform.
  • TF2 Lifting Rating: 4/5

Versatility Tests

  • HIIT Workouts: Full-body circuits. This shoe felt okay for HIIT sessions where you’re primarily on the forefoot doing things like tuck jumps, skater strides, and sprints.
  • CrossFit WODs: Fran, Cindy, and more. This shoe felt pretty similar to the Metcon 7 and 8 for these workouts. It’s a good middle-of-the-road shoe for CrossFit workouts. It’s a model that definitely has a heavy WOD bias.
  • Running Tests: Sprints and 1.5 mile run. For sprints, this shoe is okay, but decelerating can be uncomfortable with the heel. For my 1.5 mile run tests, I didn’t love the TPU plate. I’d cap your runs to 800-meters in this shoe.
  • TF2 Versatility Rating: 3.6/5


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