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Born Primitive Savage 1

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Step into the Born Primitive Savage 1, a true minimalist’s dream for heavy lifting and CrossFit, offering a back-to-basics approach in a market saturated with over-engineered options. This shoe strikes the perfect balance with its specially formulated EVA foam midsole, providing just the right amount of stability for lifting heavy while still being responsive enough for dynamic movements.


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What I Like About the Savage 1…

  • Stable for Lifting
  • Wide(r) Toe Box
  • Old School Feeling


What I Don’t Like About the Savage 1…

  • Not Great for Long Runs
  • Not Great for Narrow Feet
  • Tongue Pressure During Break-In

Product Summary and Features

Step into the Born Primitive Savage 1, a training shoe that’s a true standout for its refined simplicity and effectiveness in both lifting and CrossFit. With a specially formulated EVA foam midsole, it provides the perfect blend of stability for heavy lifting and enough responsiveness for dynamic movements like plyometrics and jump rope. The wider anatomical toe box is a major plus, offering ample room for various foot shapes and promoting natural movement.

Despite its minimalist design, this shoe doesn’t skimp on durability and versatility, making it a top choice for a range of training activities. However, it’s not the go-to for longer runs, as it’s primarily tailored for lifting and high-intensity workouts.

  • Wide toe box for toe splay
  • Lightweight knit upper for breathability
  • Dual-density molded footbed for stability and versatility
  • Specially formulated EVA midsole
  • Durable rubber outsole for traction
  • TPU heel stabilizer for lateral stability
  • Tubular laces for security
  • Read my Savage 1 Review

Born Primitive’s Return Policy: You have 45 days to return products that are still in new condition. Small shipping fee may apply. Learn more here.  

Testing the Born Primitive Savage 1 for CrossFit and Rope Climbs

Born Primitive Savage 1 Specs

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm
  • Weight: 11.2 oz (size 10 men’s)
  • Stack Height: N/A
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • Colors: 6 men/6 women


Lifting Tests

    • Max Squat: 415 lbs. Good stability. This shoe is incredibly stable for heavy leg days.
    • Max Deadlift: 545 lbs. This is my favorite training shoe for deadlifts. Its low stack height, dense midsole, and wide toe box make it great for heavy pulling.
    • Max Lunge: 275 lb walking lunge. I like the width and flexibility of this shoe’s sole.
    • Max Leg Press: 590 lbs. Good outsole grip and power transfer through the midsole.
    • TF2 Lifting Rating: 4.8/5

Versatility Tests

    • HIIT Workouts: Full-body circuits. This shoe works exceptionally well for HIIT workouts if you like denser-feeling shoes. The sole is flexible and articulates well.
    • CrossFit WODs: Fran, Cindy, and more. The Savage 1 has an “old school” vibe to it for WODs. If you loved older CrossFit models from Nike and Reebok, you’ll like this shoe.
    • Running Tests: Sprints and 1.5 mile run. For sprints, this model works fine and has good ground feel. For 1.5 mile runs, the density of this shoe can feel uncomfortable at times.
    • TF2 Versatility Rating: 4.7/5

1 review for Born Primitive Savage 1

  1. Ryan

    These have been unexpectedly great! They feel like an older CrossFit shoe and do a good job for my wider and flatter feet

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