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Adidas Everyset

The Adidas Everyset stands out as an economically savvy choice for athletes seeking a versatile shoe for both gym and everyday use, offering great value without compromising on performance. Its dual-density midsole caters to a variety of workouts, providing stability for lifting and comfort for dynamic activities, making it ideal for those with a diverse training regimen.


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What I Like About the Evertset…

  • Good Budget Option
  • Well-Rounded Performance
  • Lightweight and Breathable


What I Don’t Like About the Everyset…

  • Narrow(ish) Toe Box
  • Not Great for CrossFit
  • Lacks Stability for Heavy Work

Product Summary and Features

Step into the Adidas Everyset, a budget-friendly training shoe that packs a punch in performance, ideal for those who dabble in recreational lifting and diverse cross-training routines. This shoe boasts a dual-density midsole, striking a balance between stability for moderate-strength workouts and the comfort needed for HIIT sessions.

With its sleek and understated design, the Everyset seamlessly transitions from the gym floor to daily wear, complemented by a full rubber outsole that grips well across various surfaces. However, those with wider feet might find the shoe’s narrow toe box a bit constricting.

  • Dual-Density Foam Midsole
  • Full Rubber Outsole
  • Knit Textile Upper
  • Midfoot TPU Layer
  • Non-Gussetted Tongue
  • Padded Mesh Tongue
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Adidas’ Return Policy: You can return and exchange items within 30 days of purchasing them. Learn more here.

Testing the Adidas Everyset for Daily Wear

Adidas Everyset Specs

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: N/A (feels like 4-6 mm)
  • Weight: 10.25 oz (size 10 men’s)
  • Stack Height: N/A
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • Colors: 4 men/4 women (unisex sizing)


Lifting Tests

    • Max Squat: 275 lbs. The stability of the dual-density midsole is pretty solid in this shoe. If you’re squatting around 315 lbs and below they should work just fine.
    • Max Deadlift: 405 lbs. For a budget option, this shoe works for deadlifts up to and around 400 lbs. The midsole didn’t compress too much at this weight.
    • Max Lunge: 205 lb walking lunge. Fairly good stability overall. The narrower toe box can be uncomfortable at times.
    • Max Leg Press: 450 lbs. The outsole gripped the machine well and the midsole did a satisfactory job.
    • TF2 Lifting Rating: 4.2/5

Versatility Tests

    • HIIT Workouts: Full-body circuits. I like the athletic fit of this shoe and its midsole is responsive for most HIIT workouts. The upper also has good security for multi-directional work.
    • CrossFit WODs: Fran, Cindy, and more. While not being designed as a “CrossFit shoe”, the Everyset can work for some light WODs where you won’t be going crazy heavy or doing things like rope climbs.
    • Running Tests: Sprints and 1.5 mile run. For sprints, this shoe works well and is fairly responsive. For my 1.5 mile runs, this shoe also felt okay, especially considering its price and midsole.
    • TF2 Versatility Rating: 4.1/5


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