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I’ve tested hundreds of training shoes, try my calculator to be matched with the perfect shoes for your asks and needs.

Find Your Perfect Cross-Training Shoes

Note from Jake: If you fill out the calc you’ll have to enter your email. I don’t spam/sell your data. Not to mention, I have a pretty baller email list with regular giveaways and other insider insights. You can always unsubscribe!

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Training Shoes

Jake Boly On That Fit Friend Homepage Doing a Deadlift

Life of Shoes & Fitness

Hey, I’m Jake, the Founder  of That Fit Friend. This is a corner on the internet where I get to share my love for gym shoes, working out, and bomb-fitting clothes.

I started lifting weights when I was 12 — props to my dad for that nudge. I remember the moment I got hooked on working out. I was 13 years old with my dad in the basement. We were blasting 80s music, hitting PRs, and just bro-ing out to classic dad arena rock.

Even as a kid, I was obsessed with shoes, fitness, and apparel (my dream was to be a fitness editor and eventually a shoe/apparel designer). I remember scrolling for HOURS on’s forums and reading various fitness magazines consuming as much as I could about exercise and training gear.

Numbers Don't Lie

  • I’ve been a strength coach for 12+ years.
  • I have my CSCS and Pre-Script L-1 Certifications.
  • I have an MS in Sports Science, and BS in Exercise Science from Hofstra.
  • I’ve reviewed 400+ running, training, barefoot, and weightlifting shoes.
  • I’ve competed in four powerlifting competitions.
  • I have a dynamite YouTube community (28k subs, come join us!)
  • I’m currently pursuing a 600 lb deadlift followed by a sub-5 minute mile.
  • I have an affordable Train With Me program that gets you jacked, powerful, and builds your engine.

What Are You Looking For?

Nike Metcon 9 Product Shot
Training Shoes
Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG Product Shot
Barefoot Shoes
Reebok Legacy Lifter 3 Side Product Shot
Lifting Shoes
Ten Thousand Interval Short (2)

Coaching and Education

Barefoot Shoes

Weightlifting Shoes


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