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Find Your Perfect Pair of Cross-Training Shoes

On the market for new cross-training shoes, but don’t know where to start? Try out my cross-training shoe calculator below. Answer all five questions and you’ll be provided with three of my top cross-training shoe picks for your training needs and preferences!

Find Your Perfect Cross-Training Shoes

The TF2 Rating System

At That Fit Friend, I’ve formulated a rating system to compare different products within the same category to one another. This provides me with the means to give every single training shoe and piece of apparel their own respective ratings in a clean concise manner.

These ratings are designed to do two key things.

  1. Improve your user experience with the reviews I publish.
  2. Make it easy for you to compare products that you’re interested in.
UA Project Rock BSR Performance Overview

My hope is that as you get to know me and That Fit Friend, you’ll start to identify which products would fit your needs best based on their ratings and my feedback.

There are countless training shoe and apparel options on the market. At That Fit Friend, I’m constantly trying to make my reviews as easy and digestible as I can for you.

Your Friend, Testing the Best Gear In the Game

Everyone has that fit friend who’s a little too obsessed with fitness and all of the gear that comes along with it.

Training shoes, apparel, this friend never seems to have enough. Well, I’m That Fit Friend — I’m your friend.

Ever since I started my journey in fitness and training, I’ve been absolutely engulfed in the lifestyle and products that come along with it.

I call it passion, everyone else calls it obsession.

On my site, you’ll find countless reviews covering the top training shoes and apparel for men. With how fast products are evolving (and how expensive things are getting), my goal is to provide you with the insights to help you find the products that actually fit your needs best.

If you ever have questions on training shoes or apparel, always feel free to reach out via Instagram, YouTube, or my email!

Your fit friend,


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