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Nike Metcon 7 | What Do You Want to See In the Next Metcon Model?

On YouTube, I’ve received a few questions in regard to the Nike Metcon 7, and more specifically, when the Metcon 7 will be released. Unfortunately, I don’t have those details just yet, so we’ll all have to continue to patiently wait for the latest Nike Metcon 7 to drop.

In the past, Nike has generally provided details for release dates and product specs within a month of a Nike Metcon model’s official release. For example, last year, Nike provided outlets with insights about the Nike Metcon 6 about a week before their release date, which was August 4th for Nike members and August 31st globally.

If I had to guess, we’ll likely see the Nike Metcon 7 drop at some point this summer or early fall. Why? Well, when looking at the evolution of the Nike Metcon cross-training shoes over the last two years, the Nike Metcon 5 dropped in June/July 2019, and the Nike Metcon 6 hit in August 2020.

All of this Nike Metcon 7 talk got me interested in what changes we might be able to expect for this upcoming model.

Nike Metcon 7 Predictions

What Do You Want to See In the Nike Metcon 7?

Since the original Nike Metcon, we’ve seen somewhat of a pattern with each Nike Metcon’s construction. I thought it would be cool to ask you — the consumer — what you would like to see in the Nike Metcon 7.

Nike Metcon 7 Thoughts
Do you want to see the upper changed?

My Nike Metcon 7 Wish List

Full disclosure, my favorite Nike Metcon model to date has been the Nike Metcon 4. For me, this model was the perfect blend of feeling athletic, stable, and light on the foot.

If I could have three things changed from the Nike Metcon 6 they would be the following.

  • Less Outsole Material Wrap
  • Thinner Upper Construction
  • Lighter Build Overall

I like the idea behind the outsole wrap used in the Nike Metcon 6, but it can feel really clunky at times. Personally, I would love to see the overall rubber usage in the Nike Metcon 7 reduced especially at the mid-foot.

The Nike React Metcon Turbo didn’t use any and I think that’s too drastic from the Metcon 6’s mid-foot, so a mid-foot outsole construction that sits somewhere in the middle of those two would be awesome too see.

Another aspect that would be nice to see changed is the upper construction. The Nike Metcon 6’s upper is breathable and I don’t mind it in regard to durability, but I do think a slightly thinner upper could make for a more athletic-style shoe.

The last aspect that I think would be nice to see changed is the overall weight of the shoe. The Nike Metcon 5 and 6 are both fairly heavy models, so it would be cool to see the Metcon 7 weigh less overall.


Nike Metcon 7 Release Date

As we progress through the summer, make sure to check back here for the official Nike Metcon 7 release date. Hopefully, we’ll start seeing details about this model sooner than later!


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