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Nike Metcon 7 Release Date and First Impressions Video

On YouTube, I’ve received a few questions in regard to the Nike Metcon 7, and more specifically, when the Metcon 7 will be released. After multiple leaks and photos of the Nike Metcon 7 popping up all over the world over the last two weeks, we finally have a Nike Metcon 7 release date.

In the past, Nike has generally provided details for release dates and product specs within a month of a Nike Metcon model’s official release. For example, last year, Nike provided outlets with insights about the Nike Metcon 6 about a week before their release date, which was August 4th for Nike members and August 31st globally.

The Nike Metcon 7’s release date has been far from traditional for Nike with multiple rumors and leaks circling multiple social media circles.

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Nike Metcon 7 Release Date

After weeks of photo leaks, build-up, and me badgering my friends at Nike, we’re finally having more updates about the Nike Metcon 7’s release.

On July 1st, Mat Fraser debuted his signature Nike Metcon 7 at 11 AM EST. Check out Mat Fraser’s signature Nike Metcon 7 on Wit Fitness, which is set to retail at the price of $140 USD. This model will debut in the United States on July 15th.

Update July 9th: It seems that the go-live date for North America in regard to the normal Nike Metcon 7 got pushed a bit. The By You is still the only model available on at this moment, see below for more details.

Update July 22nd: The latest Nike Metcon 7 interaction to debut in the US on is the Nike Metcon 7 X which dropped on July 22nd. This model has a retail price of $140 USD and you can check it out here.

Update July 24th: If you’ve checked this article out multiple times now, I do apologize for the lack of concrete go-live dates we’ve received thus far for the Nike Metcon 7. It’s been difficult to get a concrete confirmation from Nike on a set US date, and even the dates that I’ve received thus far have been conflicting or pushed back without a heads up.

However, there has been a suggestion of August 7th as the latest Nike Metcon 7 release date.

Why? One recent commenter on my Nike Metcon 7 Vs Nike React Metcon Turbo video mentioned that they had found a model displayed in a retail store and the sales associate (who had helped them) also had no idea they weren’t supposed to be displayed yet. So, when they went to check out, the cashier had an alert pop up on the screen that said to hold displaying them until August 7th.

Could August 7th finally be the official Nike Metcon 7 release date in the US for multiple colorways? I ran this date by Nike to confirm, but have yet to hear an answer. Hopefully, after the weekend, I’ll receive a response.

The Nike Metcon 7 “By You” is releasing on July 6th. You can check those out here and their retail price is set at $160 USD. Once again, for my US readers, the traditional Nike Metcon 7 in the United States will be live on July 9th.

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If you’re interested in the official product details for the Nike Metcon 7, then check out the link above. This model has received quite a few changes compared to the Nike Metcon 6.

Nike Metcon 7 Colorways

Thus far, there have been A LOT of Nike Metcon 7 colorways already shared on social media and a variety of them will be available on July 9th.

If you love Nike Metcon training shoes, then I’d highly suggest checking out the @nikemetcontribe and @nikemetconclub Instagram pages, as they’re sharing images daily of the Nike Metcon 7.

Here are some of the colorways that have been shared thus far.

It appears that there are A LOT of changes to this model, which makes sense per the updates that Nike has made on previous Metcon models. Some commenters love the changes, while others are passionately not enthused.

In regard to the big changes we’re starting to see, it’s important to remember that every other Nike Metcon model tends to receive major updates. We’ve seen big updates in the 3, 5, and now 7 thus far, so I’m not really surprised we’re seeing a big overhaul with this shoe’s construction!

Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase

On top of all of the Nike Metcon 7 hype, we’re also getting some first looks at the Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase, which @nikemetcontribe shared earlier today. God bless their Instagram page. I feel like it scratches all of the daily Nike Metcon itches so many of us have. Check out the Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase model below.

This model looks super interesting and it appears that Nike is trying to experiment with some new features and also improve upon some of their prior iterations. I’m curious [and excited] to see how this model fits and performs compared to the normal Nike Metcon 7.

What Nike Metcon Model Has Been Your Favorite?

I’m always curious about what consumers want to see in the next iterations of their favorite shoes. Some lifters have stated they love the Nike Metcon 7 in the comments of the posts above while others have shared some not-so-enthused thoughts.

Take the survey below to see what others have said about what they want(ed) to see in the Nike Metcon 7, and which model is the frontrunner as the all-time favorite. The winner is pretty clear at this point!

Nike Metcon 7 Thoughts
Do you want to see the upper changed?

My Nike Metcon 7 Wish List

Full disclosure, my favorite Nike Metcon model to date has been the Nike Metcon 4. For me, this model was the perfect blend of feeling athletic, stable, and light on the foot.

If I could have three things changed from the Nike Metcon 6 they would be the following.

  • Less Outsole Material Wrap
  • Thinner Upper Construction
  • Lighter Build Overall

I like the idea behind the outsole wrap used in the Nike Metcon 6, but it can feel really clunky at times. Personally, I would love to see the overall rubber usage in the Nike Metcon 7 reduced especially at the mid-foot.

The Nike React Metcon Turbo didn’t use any and I think that’s too drastic from the Metcon 6’s mid-foot, so a mid-foot outsole construction that sits somewhere in the middle of those two would be awesome too see.


Another aspect that would be nice to see changed is the upper construction. The Nike Metcon 6’s upper is breathable and I don’t mind it in regard to durability, but I do think a slightly thinner upper could make for a more athletic-style shoe.

The last aspect that I think would be nice to see changed is the overall weight of the shoe. The Nike Metcon 5 and 6 are both fairly heavy models, so it would be cool to see the Metcon 7 weigh less overall.

Disclaimer: If you purchase a Nike Metcon 7 “By You” through the link above, then I may receive a small commission on the sale. This commission helps me keep the lights on and continue to purchase new models for review!


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