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Nike Metcon 6 Vs Nike React Metcon Turbo | Details Matter

The Nike Metcon 6 and Nike React Metcon Turbo are both fairly fresh to the cross-training shoe market and each model has multiple things going for them. With both models performing well across the board and having slightly higher price tags, I thought it was definitely worth comparing them to help you make an educated buying choice.

The Nike React Metcon Turbo is quickly becoming one of my favorite cross-training shoes due to its construction and overall fit, but I’ll elaborate more on this below. On the other hand, the Nike Metcon 6 is also consistent across the board so there’s really no faulting this model either in the gym.

In this Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike React Metcon Turbo comparison, we’re going to break down each model and discuss the differences between them so you can make a choice based on your needs, goals, and wants.

For my visual friends, make sure you check out my Nike Metcon 6 vs Nike React Metcon Turbo video below for in-depth explanations on the topics above.

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Nike Metcon 6 Vs Nike React Metcon Turbo Performance

The Nike Metcon 6 and Nike React Metcon Turbo have a lot of similarities when it comes to their overall performance which is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because you can’t really go wrong with either, it’s bad because it makes your decision slightly tougher.

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Stability When Lifting

From a lifting and stability point of view, both of these models are near the top of their class when it comes to stability in cross-trainers.

Personally, I love both of these models for lifting and I think they’re both plenty stable for a variety of lifts. Each model has Nike’s sticky rubber outsole construction and limits compression under heavy loads. Also, each model has a lower heel-to-toe offset which gives both of these models a nice low-to-the-ground feeling when gripping the floor.

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Nike Metcon 6 Vs React Metcon Turbo performance

Agility, HIIT Workout, and Plyometrics

As for agility and plyometrics, I actually prefer the Nike React Metcon Turbo slightly better due to its construction and overall fit. The disassociation between the forefoot and heel gives this model an insanely maneuverable ride and the Nike React insole provides a nice level of responsiveness.

The Nike Metcon 6 does well in this realm of training, but I’m taking the React Metcon Turbo for these specific workouts due to its slightly more responsive construction.

Day-to-Day and Shorter Runs

On a day-to-day and shorter run basis, both of these cross-trainers are “okay”. They’re both very stable options, so in reality, they’re not going to be the most comfortable, but they’ll get the job done. For shorter runs, I think the Nike React Metcon Turbo slightly takes the edge due to its Nike React insole. Neither of these models is great for longer runs.

Nike Metcon 6 Vs React Metcon Turbo lifting

Construction Differences

There are A LOT of differences between the Nike Metcon 6 and Nike React Metcon Turbo. However, there are three main differences that I think could sway consumers which I’ll cover here. If you’re interested in a full construction comparison, then check out the video above and skip to 7:25.

The first major difference is the outsole construction. The Nike React Metcon Turbo’s outsole is split between the forefoot and heel and the midfoot has a rubber material that provides a light layer of stability and a lot of maneuverability. The Nike Metcon 6’s outsole is standard for what you’d expect from a Nike Metcon model — it’s very similar to the Nike Metcon 5.

The second big construction difference is the upper construction. The Nike Metcon 6 has a consistent mesh material throughout and has added areas of synthetic material to increase overall durability.

Nike Metcon 6 Vs React Metcon Turbo

On the other hand, the Nike React Metcon Turbo is far from consistent with its asymmetrical split upper construction. This model has a breathable mesh on the lateral sides which is then split with a knit-like material on the medial side. Both upper constructions are decent across the board, so it’s more so a matter of preference when assessing this detail.

The final construction difference is the insole build of each model. The Nike Metcon 6’s insole has a split material which gives the heel a nice layer of added stability and the midfoot/forefoot’s insole has soft, responsive material. The Nike React Metcon Turbo uses Nike’s React foam to increase this model’s responsive characteristics.


As of right now, I haven’t noticed any immediate durability issues with these models. However, I will say that I think it will be interesting to see how the Nike React Metcon Turbo holds up over time with hard training sessions. The lightweight upper construction and reworked outsole haven’t really been tested for that long, so we’ll have to see what happens long-term with them.

Nike Metcon 6 Vs React Metcon Turbo insole

The Nike Metcon 6 is one of the more durable Nike Metcon models out there. The upper is tough and has a fairly good structure to it and the outsole doesn’t breakdown very easily or “lip” over time like other cross-trainers I’ve worn.

Sizing and Fit Thoughts

Both the Nike Metcon 6 and Nike React Metcon Turbo fit fairly true-to-size. However, it’s always worth noting that the Nike Metcon line generally runs more narrow, so if you have a wider or flatter foot, then you may want to go up a half size.

  • Nike Metcon 6: True-to-Size, but go up .5 size if you have a wider, flatter foot.
  • Nike React Metcon Turbo: True-to-Size, but go up .5 size if you have a wider, flatter foot.

As always, I always recommend trying on these models first before you buy if you can — I know it’s not always a possibility for everyone.

Pricing Differences

Neither of these models is going to be that friendly on the wallet and there are definitely more budget-friendly options out there. For both of these models, you can expect to pay the following.

The silver lining here is that the Nike Metcon 6 is now becoming a slightly more dated model, so you can probably find models for less than $130 if you shop around!

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Final Thoughts

The Nike Metcon 6 and Nike React Metcon Turbo are both solid cross-training shoes and their construction differences should factor into your buying process.

If you bias your training more towards HIIT workouts, agility work, and plyometrics, then I’d say explore the Nike React Metcon Turbo, and for everyone else, I’d say choose based on your budget/overall impressions of the shoe.


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