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Adidas Adizero Boston 10 Review | 100+ Mile Performance Breakdown

The Adidas Adizero Boston 10 running shoe has been one of my go-to models for the last two months of training. As I prep to run a sub-5-min mile, I’ve been rocking the Adizero Boston 10s to build back my engine and they’ve been a solid running shoe. I’ve liked the Adizero Boston 10 for tackling slow engine-building runs or tempo runs with a slightly faster pace.

The Adizero Boston 10s did take a week to adjust to, but once I acclimated this shoe started to feel consistent and reliable. As a whole, I really enjoy the Adizero Boston 10, however, I could see some constructions features of this model as being problematic for some.

Thus far, I’ve put in over 100-miles in this model and have trained with a variety of speeds so I have a good idea of how this running shoe performs. In this Adidas Adizero Boston 10 review, I’m going to discuss all of the key details that you should know before investing in this running shoe.

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Who Should Invest In the Adidas Adizero Boston 10?

The Adidas Adizero Boston 10 is a solid running shoe for both the recreational runner and race-focused athlete. This model delivers a consistent fit and feeling and it provides an anatomically sound sole construction. I personally really enjoy the Energyrods used in this model and think they do a great job at providing an additional “spring” with your stride.

This model is also built with a regular fit, so if you have a neutral foot width, then this model’s width should feel very natural for you. I think if you’re tackling casual runs or more serious runs on a regular basis, then this model is a good running shoe to look into. They work great for road runs and I’ve even used them on unpaved easy dirt trails.

This model may fall a bit short for shorter sprint-focused runs as they can feel a little “clunky” at times, but if you go into this model understanding that, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in their performance for mid-range and longer runs.

adidas Adizero Boston 10


adidas adizero boston 10

Best For

  • Mid-Range Runs
  • Longer Runs
  • Narrow and Neutral Foot Widths
  • Those With Neutral Pronation

Falls Short

  • For Those Wanting “Minimalist” Style Shoes
  • For Shorter Sprint-Focused Running Work


Adizero Boston 10 Pros

Throughout my testing and wearing of the Adizero Boston 10, I’ve found four key details to like about this running shoe.

  1. Continental™ Rubber Outsole Is Durable
  2. Energyroads Provide a Nice Spring
  3. Great for Mid-Range and Longer Runs
  4. 50% of the Upper Is Made With Recycled Materials

The first pro that I like about the Adizero Boston 10 is the outsole construction and how it performs for road running specifically. I like Continental rubber outsole and I feel like it does an adequate job at protecting the midsole.

adidas adizero boston 10 outsole

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The tread on this shoe covers the higher tread areas where you want protection the most. In the forefoot, both the medial and lateral sides of the shoe have adequate rubber tread covering them and you can see on the media side the tread is a bit fuller for durability.

On the heel of the shoe, the outsole lips up a bit on the posterior-lateral side which I like for stride smoothness purposes and similarly, there’s adequate rubber covering the midsole to prevent breakdown

adidas adizero boston 10 continental outsole

Another perk of the Adizero Boston 10 is the Energyrods Adidas uses in this model. Essentially, Adidas uses this tech in shoes to replicate the spring-like nature our foot’s arch provides when running. By adding the Energyrods, it’s essentially another means of providing the foot with a bit more support and an anatomical natural feeling.

I notice the Energyrods most when I’m working on increasing my stride rate and adapting a more forefoot and mid-foot biased strike. If you have this style of stride naturally, then I think you’ll enjoy and notice the Energyrods for your performance.

adidas adizero boston 10 energyrods

If you’re tackling mid-range and longer runs, I also think you’ll enjoy the Adizero Boston 10. This model utilizes Adidas’ Lightstrike EVA foam throughout the midsole and when putting in longer engine-building runs, this midsole I think provides a nice comfortable ride with a bit of stability.

Compared to other running shoes with thicker midsoles like the Adizero Boston 10, I think you’ll get more stability with this model if you’re worried about this midsole being too soft or not supportive enough. The midsole construction also promotes a smooth lateral to medial stride when training.

adidas adizero boston 10 midsole

The final perk of this model is that the upper is built and constructed with Primegreen materials. Adidas uses this construction feature in a variety of their shoes.

Essentially, this means that Adidas uses recycled materials to construct the upper of the Adizero Boston 10 and there are no “virgin” polyesters used, which means no new polyester was used for the construction of this model. For this model, 50% of the upper is made with recycled content.

adidas adizero boston 10 upper

Personally, I would love to see that number increase, but it’s better than not using any recycled materials and it’s cool seeing Adidas try to utilize a more sustainable shoe construction.

Adizero Boston 10 Cons

Despite enjoying the Adizero Boston 10 as a whole for my training and running, there are a couple of cons that I could see other runners having with this shoe.

  1. This Model Can Feel Clunky
  2. The Tongue May Be Uncomfortable for Some

The first drawback is that this model can feel a bit heavy and clunky at times especially for those that love more minimalist style running shoes. Also, this model has been known for being a bit heavy for runners that have worn previous Adizero Boston models.

adidas adizero boston 10 weight

For my size 10 shoe, this model has a weight of 11.05 ounces which could be classified as fairly heavy for a running shoe. In my opinion, the thicker midsole and layered upper construction contribute to this shoe’s overall clunkiness. I don’t personally mind this shoe’s weight, but it’s worth noting for my minimalist running shoe-loving friends.

Another drawback to this model is the tongue construction and how it can dig into the ankle at times. This shoe’s tongue is a thin lightweight mesh that has an arrow-like construction to it. I like the idea behind it to provide a lightweight and aerodynamic feel, but it can definitely cause friction on the top of the ankles.

adidas adizero boston 10 tongue

I noticed this for one of my runs when I wore super-low socks and I had the tongue dig into the right side of my ankle. It wasn’t the biggest deal, but I had to stop mid-run to adjust the tongue and pull up my sock so that was pretty inconvenient and knocked me out of my flow. If you have thicker ankles, then I’d suggest rocking slightly longer socks when breaking these shoes in.

Adizero Boston 10 Performance

To discuss the performance of the Adizero Boston 10, I’m going to break this section into three parts and discuss how this model performs for short sprint-focused runs, mid-range, and long runs.

adizero boston 10 running performance

Short Sprint-Focused Runs

Don’t get me wrong, for shorter runs fast-paced runs, I like this model a lot and think it excels. I’ve been tackling a lot of 5k distances as I re-acclimate to building my engine and the Adizero Boston 10 provides a solid performance. For tempo runs and pick-ups, I also like this model as a whole.

However, I have noticed that the clunkiness of this model is much more apparent during sprints or very fast-paced tempo runs when you may be fatigued. I don’t think this will be a problem for every runner, but again, the heavier nature of this model could definitely be an issue for anyone who’s doing speed work on fatigued legs or trying to use this model for sprints.

adidas adizero boston 10 running

Mid-Range Runs

For mid-range runs, I really like this model and think they excel for this style of running. The Energyrods provide a nice bounce when working on maintaining a consistent even keel pace. The midsole also provides enough stability and support that if you do want to do pick-ups during your mid-range runs you should feel like you have plenty of cushion and support to do so in these shoes.

With the 8mm heel-to-toe drop in this shoe, if you have a mid-foot or even a bit of heel strike, I think you’ll like how this model works. The lateral posterior lip on the heel of this shoe does a good job at providing clearance for those with slightly slower cadences you may have a slight heel strike bias.

Long Runs

Similar to mid-range runs, I like this model for long runs due to its overall midsole, outsole, and Energyrods construction. If you’re tackling longer runs, then having a good rubber outsole is always a safe bet to prolong your shoe’s lifespan. This model’s rubber outsole over the forefoot and heel have done a solid job at protecting the midsole foam in my model.

adidas adizero boston 10 running (1)

Contrary to the clunkiness of this being a negative performance aspect, I do think if you’re someone that wants a bit more stability and material with your running shoes on longer training sessions, then this could actually be a positive aspect. However, this is a very specific performance ask that will only be relevant for some runners.

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Adizero Boston 10 Sizing

For most runners, you should be safe going true-to-size in the Adidas Adizero Boston 10. This shoe has a “regular” fit and I think it will feel the best for runners with a neutral foot width and it will even work for those with slightly more narrow feet.

  • Adizero Boston 10 Sizing Thoughts: The length fits true and the toe box has enough width for narrow and natural foot width.

adidas adizero boston 10 sizing

If you have a wider foot, then you may feel a little cramped in this shoe’s toe box, but the midfoot should have adequate width and a decent level of stability for you. If you have additional sizing questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

Price Breakdown

For the Adizero Boston 10, you can expect to pay $140 USD for this model. Personally, I think the price point is worth it for this model especially if you plan to use these primarily for mid-range and long road runs.

This model is consistent and after 100-miles, I have yet to notice any breakdown on the outsole and midsole. I think I can get another couple of hundred miles out of these shoes before I want to replace them due to midsole compression.

adidas Adizero Boston 10


adidas adizero boston 10

Best For

  • Mid-Range Runs
  • Longer Runs
  • Narrow and Neutral Foot Widths
  • Those With Neutral Pronation

Falls Short

  • For Those Wanting “Minimalist” Style Shoes
  • For Shorter Sprint-Focused Running Work


Construction Details

There are a lot of subtle construction details that go into the Adizero Boston 10. Below, is a list of the key construction details that make up the Adizero Boston 10.

  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 8mm
  • Weight: 11.05 oz (size 10 model)
  • Removable Insole: Yes
  • Lightstrike EVA Foam Midsole
  • Continental Rubber Outsole
  • Energyrods In the Midfoot
  • Primegreen Materials In the Upper Construction (Mesh Blend)
  • 6 Eyelets With a 7th for Lace-Lock

If you have additional questions about the Adizero Boston 10’s construction, reach out or drop a comment below and I’ll assist accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Adidas Adizero?

Adidas Adizero is a footwear technology that Adidas utilizes in order to minimize the weight of their footwear. Essentially, when you see Adizero for certain products, you can assume that the products were constructed with the intention of minimizing weight.

Is Adidas Adizero good for running?

Yes, Adidas Adizero models are good options for running. These shoe have lightweight construction features enabling them to be solid running shoes for both training and racing.

Takeaway Thoughts

Overall, I’ve enjoyed running in the Adidas Adizero Boston 10. I like this model best for my engine-building runs and for some faster-paced tempo work.

I don’t this model will be the best fit for every runner, but if you have the foot anatomy for this shoe’s last and you have the intent of using them for the runs and types of training listed above, then I don’t think the Adizero Boston 10 will disappoint you.

If you have additional questions about this model or need assistance assessing if it’s a good running shoe for you, drop a comment below or reach out to me personally via Instagram (@jake_boly)!

I personally test every product featured on That Fit Friend using a regimen of training tests that I’ve developed over years of testing training gear. I buy the gear I test and may earn commissions on sales made through links on my site.


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